Dear Friend…

October 26, 2008

Hey _______.

Remember the time that we first met? We were both lost and neither of us could understand the map. You asked me for direction and I asked you for direction. We ended up at the parking lot and late for class that day. Oh, and what about that water balloon party where you insisted on throwing just green water balloons at me and I insisted on throwing purple water balloons at you because we both know that were each other’s favorite colors? The time when we raced each other around the track and ran out of breath during midway? How about that time I tried to sing and you said I was the best singer in the world while other people covered their ears? And that time you pushed me into the pool and I pretended to drown? You freaked out that time didn’t you? Lol, what about that one time we tried to bake muffins and only one turned out right? We had a good fight about it, did you remember? We ended up splitting it in half and I gave you the half with the most sprinkles on it because you love sprinkles…. Man, we had fun didn’t we? I knew you since sixth grade and I’ve been hanging out with you since. You’re always that fun, clever, hyper girl who pokes me in the back when she feels like it and I’m always the girl who threaten to sing when you do. Ahhhh the memories keep coming back.

I’m going to miss you a lot you know. Good luck at your new school. Give me an email once in a while ok? I promise to write back real soon. Oh and you better invite me to your birthday parties 😛 or else I’m going to be mad and send angry kitties to you house, I know how much you hate them.

You-Know-Who! 🙂

Yeah…so one of my friends is going to move away really, really soon because of her dad’s work >_<‘ Ahhh this sucks. We still have email and IM and stuff but I can’t see her at school anymore. I’m planning to get all of my friends and classmates together and write a farewell card for her, I think she’ll like it… I missed her already.T_T


My…uh, dream? o.o

October 20, 2008

I have one of the strangest dream yesterday. It was really, really vivid. I guess the cause is probably an overdose of fantasy books. Ahh, I’m addicted to those things. I guess my ordinary life gets boring once in a while. Well anyways, at the beginning of my dream, I was in a forest. It was sort of misty but after walking for a couple of minutes, the mist cleared. The forest then turned beautiful with lots of strange trees and animals. I think there were crystallized apple trees, some head shaped rocks and a chocolate stream. The sky was orange with like 3 rainbows and was full of clockwork birds. Then I said something to someone I’m supposedly familiar with in my dream and suddenly I arrive at a cottage. Then for some strange reason, I started to stuff myself with meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Some talking pumpkins soon interrupted me and teleported me to an abandon castle. I then has to put on knight’s armor and fought a dinosaurs. My armor glowed green while I chanted some weird spell and somehow I pulled a wand out of nowhere. I zapped the dinosaurs to dust. Then I did some sort of victory dance and a princess jumped 10 stories down to greet me. I guess we talked a little bit about something that was really hilarious for long while. She did gave me something but I don’t remember. I sort of woke up after that.

Yeah, I think I’m delusional. 😛 Well, in a good way at least? xD

Pile of work! :x

October 18, 2008

Wheeew, I’m glad that is over. I got one hectic week. I got bombarded with tests everyday this week so I didn’t have the time to update my blog. Geh, there goes my promise of keeping this blog active. >_< Well, school is a good enough reason right? I notice that teachers tend to assign hard assignments and give hard quizzes at the end of every grading period. Recently, I just had a Math test worth 33% of my grade! Imagine if I bomb that one! Oh man, the pressure is on now. This can actually lower my A. Hopefully I did well like on my quizzes. Math and PE are the two subject I’m not good at and if I drop below a B+ I’ll not get as much computer time. My parents are seriously doting parents lol. Also, the grade in your other classes worth 30% of your AVID grade. Yeah, now you figured out why I was cramming like crazy right before the grading period end. I really want my grade to look good on my report card. xD Now I can slack off just a bit and actually have time to do stuff rather than stuck in my room studying all day. Yay.

Oh yeah, guess what I’m doing in PE? Rock climbing! The wall is really high and I have a slight fear of height. Yikes! The PE grade this grading period is not looking so good. The wall I have to climb is really high and I really don’t have that much arm muscle. Nooo, why did I spent so much time on a chair everyday? I need to exercise more if I want to climb that wall.

Multicultural Festival!

October 12, 2008

If you are wondering where have I been all Saturday, I was helping the Interact Club selling stuff at the Multicultual Festival. It was great! There was alot of Vietnamese there so my Vietnamese speaking skill was tested. I formed a small group with my friends and we walked around trying to sell the food from our booths. Gosh, those food were delicious! (I tried a few samples myself..Shh, don’t tell) My favorite was the milk bubble tea. It was so good I bought two cups. xD They were five bucks each but well worth it. After we ran out of samples, we walked around and play games. My friend won a stuffed bear on the prize wheel and I won a heart shaped beanie bag. We walked to the Viet booth and we danced with the people on stage. My Viet friends even sang some Vietnamese songs. Then we grab some free shades and pretended we were from the Matrix. Lol. We went back to our booths after a while though. Oh yeah, I tried out face painting for little kids, it was so fun! I drew a pumpkin, two ghosts, a few hearts, and wrote some words. Good thing I take art classes huh? Then I drew mustaches on my friends and they drew glasses on me xD

The festival was great. I felt really good to be able to help out and have fun at the same time. I can’t wait for the next festival!

Day and night…

October 9, 2008

My friend and I were having a discussion on whether morning or night is the best part of the day. She said the morning would be the better of the two, but I disagree. Well, the reason mainly involves me being a night owl. xD
“You know, if you never wake up early, you wouldn’t get to see the sunrise.”
“Well, there’s always TV and Youtube. Beside, sunset is waayy better.”
“No, sunrise is!”
“I say sunset!”
*Sigh* “We get distracted way too much.”
“Ever heard of the saying: Early bird catches the worm?”
“Uh yeah, but I’m no bird and I definitely do not want to catch worm.”
“You know what I mean.”
“But still, you know I just have to say that.”
“I say morning is the best.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah, morning walk are absolutely the BEST. The air is all crisp and fresh, it’s great. You get to see the dew drops and hear the birds singing and chirping and stuff. All of that stuff is happening when you are sleeping. Sucks, doesn’t it?”
“Not really, catching z’s is more important.”
“Whatever. You don’t know what you are missing then.”
“Oh I know. It’s just that walking around in the freezing cold is not my thing, you know.”
“Yeah, but think about the birdies!”
“Birds fly around all days, jeez.”
“Not at night they don’t.”

“Ok, so one point for the birds. Night is still better though. You get some peace and quiet while doing your homework. Night is…how should I say this…tranquil. It sharpens your senses and make you think of things.”

“Oh, it makes you think alright. It makes you think of SLEEP!”

“No, 5 AM does.”


“Aha, you admit that night is better!”

“Oh come on, how can you think the end is better than the beginning?”

“You know the climax of the book usually happens toward the end and the introduction of the book is always boring.”

“There’s no end without a beginning.”

“…and nothing lasts forever.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t get all deep on me here.”

“You started it.”

And so we babbled on and we sort of forgot our original discussion. By the end of break, we were discussing on what movies to watch. xD Yup, we get distracted way too easily. So, what do you think, morning or night?


October 6, 2008

A girl paused. She let her jet black hair spilled loosely around her. With a quick turn of the head, her hair cascaded gracefully to her back. She stared at the midnight sky and smiled. People like to think she’s insane for running to the park when most people are asleep, but she paid no attention to them. She loves the midnight sky, and she’s going to see it whenever she feels like it. After all, she’s a strong willed girl. You can say coming to the park at the stroke of midnight is a habit since she does it if she’s feeling stressed. Tonight is just another one of those many nights.

Darkness calms her. It offers so much for such a little price. Tonight it allowed her to think clearly about her actions and their consequences. She made many mistakes, and was too often prone to feeling guilty over them. With a sigh, she took a sip of the hot coffee she just purchased from Starbucks. Today was a long day. She twice fell short of her expectation and betrayed her best friend. She was sure she can make up those things eventually, but once again, guilt cut like a knife and it brought up a round of hurt. She sat down glumly on the wet grass and mulled over her guilt for a while. Tears fell as soon she contemplate her worth in life, each thought accompanied by either broken sobs or rounds of hysteria. Then, like the night washes into day, she soon forgave herself and stood up, her face lit with a smile once again.

After releasing all of her stress and disappointment for the night, she yawned and stretched for a good while. The midnight air felt so sharp and fresh and allowed her to think very clearly. She was thankful for that sense of self-knowledge it had given her. She paced around for a few minutes, feeling the night chill that crawled up her bones. While shivering, she decided to head home before she can catch a cold. She picked up her coffee and threw it away, then soon disappeared into the thick blanket of night.

Alright the buttons are up!

October 5, 2008

Whoo, that was probably the longest time I’ve work with html codes. xD
I’ve decided to make some banners so expect the layout to be complete in a day or so. I’ll try to cram it all today because it’s Sunday but no guarantee I’ll make it in time. Urgh, and there’s the evil, evil homework to be done. D:
Edit: Banner is DONE! Photoshop is awesome. *Hugs Photoshop* The banners will be free to use, right now I only have one. I’ll make some more in the future, now I have to do my homework. x__X