A girl paused. She let her jet black hair spilled loosely around her. With a quick turn of the head, her hair cascaded gracefully to her back. She stared at the midnight sky and smiled. People like to think she’s insane for running to the park when most people are asleep, but she paid no attention to them. She loves the midnight sky, and she’s going to see it whenever she feels like it. After all, she’s a strong willed girl. You can say coming to the park at the stroke of midnight is a habit since she does it if she’s feeling stressed. Tonight is just another one of those many nights.

Darkness calms her. It offers so much for such a little price. Tonight it allowed her to think clearly about her actions and their consequences. She made many mistakes, and was too often prone to feeling guilty over them. With a sigh, she took a sip of the hot coffee she just purchased from Starbucks. Today was a long day. She twice fell short of her expectation and betrayed her best friend. She was sure she can make up those things eventually, but once again, guilt cut like a knife and it brought up a round of hurt. She sat down glumly on the wet grass and mulled over her guilt for a while. Tears fell as soon she contemplate her worth in life, each thought accompanied by either broken sobs or rounds of hysteria. Then, like the night washes into day, she soon forgave herself and stood up, her face lit with a smile once again.

After releasing all of her stress and disappointment for the night, she yawned and stretched for a good while. The midnight air felt so sharp and fresh and allowed her to think very clearly. She was thankful for that sense of self-knowledge it had given her. She paced around for a few minutes, feeling the night chill that crawled up her bones. While shivering, she decided to head home before she can catch a cold. She picked up her coffee and threw it away, then soon disappeared into the thick blanket of night.


3 Responses to Black

  1. Wow… If i was to do black, i would do all those dark things… you make black seem like a happy thing! nice job!

  2. ∞Beth∞ says:

    Yeah, what Animalluver said! Awesome!!! See, you CAN write!!!

  3. ChocoPuddi says:

    Haha, thanks guys, but I’m not as good as some of my classmate yet. You should have read their stories, those are so good. I definitely feel like I’m on a roll though, so expect more stories in the future. 😀

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