Day and night…

My friend and I were having a discussion on whether morning or night is the best part of the day. She said the morning would be the better of the two, but I disagree. Well, the reason mainly involves me being a night owl. xD
“You know, if you never wake up early, you wouldn’t get to see the sunrise.”
“Well, there’s always TV and Youtube. Beside, sunset is waayy better.”
“No, sunrise is!”
“I say sunset!”
*Sigh* “We get distracted way too much.”
“Ever heard of the saying: Early bird catches the worm?”
“Uh yeah, but I’m no bird and I definitely do not want to catch worm.”
“You know what I mean.”
“But still, you know I just have to say that.”
“I say morning is the best.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah, morning walk are absolutely the BEST. The air is all crisp and fresh, it’s great. You get to see the dew drops and hear the birds singing and chirping and stuff. All of that stuff is happening when you are sleeping. Sucks, doesn’t it?”
“Not really, catching z’s is more important.”
“Whatever. You don’t know what you are missing then.”
“Oh I know. It’s just that walking around in the freezing cold is not my thing, you know.”
“Yeah, but think about the birdies!”
“Birds fly around all days, jeez.”
“Not at night they don’t.”

“Ok, so one point for the birds. Night is still better though. You get some peace and quiet while doing your homework. Night is…how should I say this…tranquil. It sharpens your senses and make you think of things.”

“Oh, it makes you think alright. It makes you think of SLEEP!”

“No, 5 AM does.”


“Aha, you admit that night is better!”

“Oh come on, how can you think the end is better than the beginning?”

“You know the climax of the book usually happens toward the end and the introduction of the book is always boring.”

“There’s no end without a beginning.”

“…and nothing lasts forever.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t get all deep on me here.”

“You started it.”

And so we babbled on and we sort of forgot our original discussion. By the end of break, we were discussing on what movies to watch. xD Yup, we get distracted way too easily. So, what do you think, morning or night?


2 Responses to Day and night…

  1. Well, I hateeee HATE HATE HATE the mornings cuz you have to wake up EEAARRLLYY and i hate waking up EEAARRLLYY I like to stay up and play. i have MUCH MORE energy at the night! I AGREE WITH YOU!

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Whoo! Another night owl! xD
    Mhmm, Night > Day hands down.

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