Notes to Self…

January 31, 2009

1. Run away from dentists.

I got a tooth filling yesterday. Well, it wouldn’t be so bad in the waiting room except for the fact that I had to wait 3 hours before it’s my turn and there were practically nothing to do in the waiting room except for looking at painting of trees. How boring was it? Let’s just say that there were a total of 549 leaves, give and take a few I missed, in one painting. When it was finally my turn, I was really sleepy. I was hoping that it would be over really soon so I can take a nap at home. The x-ray process wasn’t so bad. The cleaning went by pretty quickly and smoothly except for that one time when I coughed. (oops!) Then, before you know it, it was time for the filling. What a perfect time for my fear of needle to kick in. The moment I saw that needle, my brain was fully, fully awake. At that moment, I wished for the ability of teleportation. Well the red stained cotton swab I saw wasn’t exactly the comfort I needed. The dentist left me alone after that so the anesthetic could sink in. After about 15 minutes, the left half of my jaw was numb so I couldn’t exactly feel anything after that, thank goodness.

2. I’m not cut out for learning Spanish.

Curiosity killed the cat…I should have known. When I saw my friend, who was reading a Spanish book, I decided it’s time to work toward my new year resolution of learning a foreign language. She talked for about 5 minutes on some basic Spanish words, how you have to conjugate verbs to different forms when you use different pronouns, and some other things I failed to understand.
A: So do you understand now?
Me: Err, can you repeat the whole thing again?
A: …I give up on you.
Me: Noooo…. D:
Well, I did learned to count to 20 in Spanish now. >_< Maybe I’ll have an easier time with French. Just maybe.

3. I’m not ambidextrous.

Yesterday was a free period in art so my friends and I decided to mess around. We got some paper and decided to test how “ambidextrous” we are. The results were pretty hilarious. It took me a whole minute to write my name, and it was only 3 letters. Next my friends decided to have a drawing contest. We each get a part of a piece of paper and we were supposed to make a collage out of it. I drew an alien mouse-thing (it was supposed to be a cat), my friend drew a crooked stickman, and my other friend drew a car with floating wheels. It was hilarious. Our other “masterpieces” include a Mona Lisa so deformed that Leonardo da Vinci would yell at us for hours if he see us, a “melting” helicopter that looked like it crashed several times, and a flimsy looking Golden Gate bridge that appeared to be falling down.  Haha, next free period we are so totally going to do this again. I don’t know, maybe I can actually learn to draw something with my left hand one day. For now though, I’ll be too busy laughing at the melting helicopter.


Random babbling.

January 28, 2009

You won’t miss it until it’s gone…

Today in Geometry, my mechanical pencil decided to fail on me. One minute, I was doing a worksheet about parallelograms, the next, I was shuffling through my backpack for a pencil. Bleh, it took me about 20 minutes to get use to my other mechanical pencil. The new pencil is scratchy and didn’t write as smooth as my old one. Plus, I kept pressing the top for lead when I should be pressing the side…annoying! Then my friend decided to “fix” my pencil and well, he wasn’t a good fixer-upper. 😛

Me: Argh, I can’t get used to this pencil!

Him: What happened to your other one?

Me: It’s jammed.

Him: Oh give it to me…I’m good with fixing things.

Me: Ok. *proceeded to take pencil out and handed it to him*

Him: *Took pencil and hit it against the desk*

Him: Oops! *held out a cracked pencil*

Well…he did get that piece of stuck lead out…

Oh, I had some free time today and drew a puppy. It’s not really good though, since I’m absolutely hopeless with animals and the fact that 35 minutes wasn’t really enough.


*Cough* Enjoy!


January 21, 2009

I’ve been strangely active lately on the blog, and I wonder why. I guess it must be, as my friend call it, spring fever. 😛 I wonder if I can keep all of this energy up.

Ok, so I got my sketchbook back today and finally scanned the drawing that I did…4 weeks ago. Oh man I’m really lazy. D: On a happier note,  I think my artwork has really improved since the beginning of the year. This is really great. If I can keep this up, maybe by the end of the year, I can finally draw animals. You don’t know how hard those things are. The fur! >_<

Alright, an angel for you guys, just because we all need angels in our lives. 🙂


I personally looove this one, I think that it’s my best one yet. Mainly because I was feeling Christmasy at that time and decided to pay attention to the details. I based this off on a real Chirstmas ornament by the way. If they make a plushie or a keychain out of that angel, I would totally buy it. 😛 The ornament was so cute so of course, being a sucker for cute things, I had to draw it. It took me about an hour on this, the shading and the folds were the toughest part of this drawing. I spent most of my time happily erasing and editing them. I think I should quit shading with an 0.7 mechanical pencil and start using a regular yellow #2  pencil or buy myself an art pencil to make things easier on myself. Lol.


January 20, 2009

What can I say but, “whoah, that was deep”?

Everywhere in the United States are celebrating the inauguration ceremony of the 44th US president, Barack Obama. My school even let the students have a free 2nd period to go and watch the speech.

Seriously, that was a great speech….I don’t think I’ve heard good speeches since the “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King. Well, I haven’t heard many speeches but still, that was awesome. Mr. Obama’s speech was really, really inspirational. Even the random pauses caused by the school laptop trying to buffer the video, it still caused a big impact. One minute, the crowd were really loud, then the minute when Obama stepped up, the whole room was silenced. I didn’t even pay attention to anybody during that time, I was too absorbed in the speech…

The rest of the day students spent discussing about the speech. We even get to listen to it again on the announcement. I tell you, my school was hyped. I saw atleast 10 people walking around wearing shirts with Obama’s face on them.

Mm, changes, that should be good. I have high hopes, I really do.

My list of quotes from the speech:

“On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.”

“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.”

“And for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that, “Our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken. You cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.””

“For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness.”

Thank you for the great speech, Mr. President, thank you.

Sigh…I don’t really know anymore.

January 19, 2009

Today I got an e-mail from my friend that she’ll probably unable to get online for a while. The reason? She got grounded for messing up on her final. I asked her if she can get on AIM so we can talk and so she did.

Me: so they grounded you for messing up?

Her: I dunno, they were pretty mad and yelled. I said I tried my best but I guess it was a “disappointment” and Internet is “messing me up”

Her: So I can’t go on as much

Her: I have to study and stuff

Me: what are you going to do about it?

Her: Hmm? About what?

Me: about your parents grounding you I mean

Her: Is there anything I can do? I mean, they are the parents

Her: I’m kind of depressed that they think I’m a disappointment though

Me: lol, if we switch parents, I would get disowned in like, 30 seconds

Her: Lol… I think you’ll manage

Me: nah, I suck under pressure

Me: I think you should talk to them

Her:  It’s fine

Her: I need the good grade anyways

Her: Hey, I gtg

Her: Parents are coming

Me: bye

Her: Bye

Yeah, I don’t understand it either. Do her parents seriously think that getting a B on the final is the end of the world?

How could she be a disappointment? I mean, I know her. She was the one that always get good grade, know 3 languages, and can play both the violin AND piano. Sometimes, I don’t get how parents think. How can they call her messed up and disappointment? Can’t they just appreciate what she done already? Seriously, she is so talented.

I wish we could talk more, but then again I don’t really know I could persuade her to talk to her parents about it. Her mind seemed pretty made up and I’m not really persuasive.

You have got to be kidding me!

January 18, 2009

After my friend’s frantic announcement that finals grades are up, I rushed open firefox to get to schoolloop. My thoughts at that moment: Haha, I’m gonna fail.

To add to my frustration, firefox decided to freeze in the middle of loading so I had to wait 5 minutes before it unfreeze itself. After logging in, I scrolled down quickly and try to look at me grade while bracing for the worst. Then it hit me…

Oh snaps I got a 4.0! O.O

At that moment I stood up from my chair and danced around. Mom looked at dad with a I-think-our-daughter-is-loony kind of look. I showed them the grade and they were really, really happy. =D

Whoo! I feel great! A burden is finally lifted off my back and I’m as light as air now. I’m also grinning like an idiot while typing this. Yup.

Ok, here’s the sum up of the “aftermath” of the battles, urm, I meant finals:

Geometry – how did I get 100% again? I’m still shocked.

Biology – 96%. Those extra credit questions were lifesavers.

English Honors – 91.5%. I knew the essay part would mess me up!

PE – 100%. Sweet success!

AVID – 100%. A reflection wasn’t really that hard.

Art – 97%. Whoo! Good thing I brought a good pencil. You don’t know how much a good pencil matters in an art class. It kind of ruined the surprise a little when she told you your grade beforehand though.

I’m feeling so awesome! I really thought I failed Geometry and English. Pheew.

Finals are over!

January 16, 2009

Oh yes, this definitely deserve a post. 😛


Mmm, I had to say, the Geometry final was tougher than I though. The first part was about polygons. Simple enough, I breezed right through it. The second part was harder, consisting of linear equations problems but I managed to solve them. Then…

Uh oh, proving  congruency with 2-column proofs? I’m so busted.

Well, at least there were only 5 problems out of 70 that needed prooving. >_< Gah, I hope it doesn’t hurt my grade too much.


All I had to do was answer multiple choice questions and shade a circle. I did pretty good on the multiple choice but I think my circle looked a bit flat. The teacher was nice enough to tell the class the grades. I got an. A :]


A 100-question test that worth 200 points.  Well,  at least I know the material. I wasn’t sure about my answer about DNA transcription and mitosis, but otherwise, I did well.


Ergh, I’m not sure how I did this time around. The final consisted of 4 parts: Hero journey cycle, vocabulary, grammar, and poem writing. Bleh, my grammar is just terrible, so I don’t think I did very well on that. I did study the cycle and grammar though, so I think I didn’t miss any on those two. The poem is what I’m most worried about. I can’t write poem. Period. Ahhh, now is a good time to start panic.


Run a mile in under 10 minutes and answer 15 questions. The questions were easy peasy, so I probably got 15/15. The mile I did really well too. 9:04…my proudest time yet!


Write a reflection on how you did on the final, after that, free time. Yeah, easiest final yet. If you write one, it’s an automatic A.

Gah, there are 2 classes that I’m most worried about: English Honors and Geometry. Well, at least I don’t have French I guess. Everybody who I know has it complained about failing it. 😡