Panda, panddaaaa

August 30, 2009

Q__Q Pandas are absolutely adorable…I couldn’t resist drawing one when animalluver mentioned I should draw a bear.
So here I present to you, a sleeping panda. :3
panda dream copy

On to school work, I think our Bull Durham Credo assignment was kind of cool. It’s also a bit challenging because it mostly revolves about what do you believe in. First, my mind was blank and I was clueless about what to write and what style to write the poem in, then I decided to just forget about it and write about the first things that popped into my mind. I ended up having too much stuffs and have to get rid of some. I’m going to decorate the final product with a border and draw some pictures with a marker. I think it’ll turn out okay….I’m sooo not good with writing assignments. D:
Yen’s sad attempt at poetry:
I believe in the jar full of hearts,
the stories untold,
the sweet memories unforgotten,
the art of annoying people,
the jokes that make no sense,
lazy evenings, autumn’s leaves, shooting stars.

But the people who tell you that you absolutely can’t chase your dreams no matter what are kidding themselves because they are afraid.

I believe in waking up half past noon,
I believe in grass stained jeans,
I believe in throwing pebbles at people’s shoes,
jumping on the furniture, mechanical pencils, melted chocolate bars.

And I believe in sitting under a shady tree with the music blaring while eating oreos dunked in milk and looking up at the clouds above because for a moment, you feel like a little kid again.


This video made me smile.

August 29, 2009


For the rest of us, whose brains are still on vacation. =D

August 28, 2009

Here you go Beth, a failed picture. I failed to shade over some parts, but it turned out okay…hopefully. xD
I wanna sip coconut juice under a palm tree and stick my toes in the cool water right now. D:
palm trees copy

Something tells me, sophomore year is going to be a pain

August 25, 2009

Guh, 30 Algebra II problems on the first day of school. I seriously want a new Algebra 2 teacher..ahhh. I almost fall asleep in her class, on the first day of school too. =_= Well, the other teachers were pretty nice and decent, but I can’t tell whether I can survive their classes or not. It’s only the first day so…
I. Must. Survive!
Period 2: French 1 was interesting, I was completely surrounded by freshmen but I sorta fit in some how. Things learned: 1-10, colors, and some tidbit about France.
Period 3: Chemistry Honors was FUNNY. I saw a few of my buddies, so we can group for projects and stuffs, did a what do you know about chemistry thing…I didn’t know as much as I think. Things learned: how to sleep in class properly (yes, he teaches you how to! xD)
Period 4: Honors English was whoa o_O! Saw the most buddies in that class than any others, plus some of my honors English 1 classmates too. Things learned: how to properly trace your silhouette and tape two pieces of construction paper together. Also, smart board = cool.
Period 5: P.E. What can I say, it’s PE. I can’t decide anything yet since we didn’t do much except hang in the gym all period. Things learned: I suck at thumb wars and pre-cal.
Period 6: Algebra 2…*sigh* We did nothing except take note right out of text books and listened to the teacher tell us all the right answers without explaining anything. I had the same kind of teacher in 8th grade, I didn’t do so well. Hopefully my first impression is wrong. Things I learned: Math can actually be THIS boring, it only took me 15 minutes to get sleepy in class..first day, this is bad. D:
Period 7: History looks like it’s going to be interesting. Saw some friends, almost banged my head against the black cabinet, found out that we won’t be using textbook that much. Things I learned: A history teacher can think that history is boring. o_o

Enjoying my last day of freedom…

August 24, 2009

OKay, I was being dramatic. Still, can you believe it? 2 and a half months of summer just went by so fast..ahh. I’m not looking forward to sophomore year at all. Testings + honors + hard teachers = meh. You know how after a year of highschool, you are supposed to feel older or smarter? Well, I’m not feeling anything different. I just feel like the me in the beginning of freshman year, except the “I wonder how many buddies I’ll see from middle school” kinda thing. Oh, I STILL haven’t finish my summer homework yet (which is what I should be doing at the moment, but my mind has other plans).
Well, to another year of highschool, after this, 2 more to go.

Strawberry Girl :3

August 20, 2009

Not much of a post, but this is the first art post in a month or so? It’s a random doodle art gift for a friend, so it didn’t take long. So, voila Jessica, here is the “Frankenstein girl angel but not angel strawberry thing” you asked for ūüėÄ
strawberry girl

Not dead.

August 19, 2009

Yups, you noticed a pattern there. This blog goes on hiatus every summer. I don’t know why, but every summer my productivity drop by 90%. Maybe because it’s summer? Well, now that summer is going to end, there should be interesting stuffs to write about. Not that I’m hurrying into waking up at 7 AM, of course. I got my schedule and books this week. The wait was very very long. Good thing I ran into my friends so we killed time. That day’s highlight was: I epically lost against myself in Tap Tap Revenge, Jess dropped her stuffs a bazillion times, we got clueless about the schedule pick up place, I complained about why on earth they didn’t put up any posters/signs about location, ID pictures were at least an hour because the photographer wants us to be in a certain pose (back straight, chin up, arms out front, don’t lean, shoulders out…ect. so on), rolling chairs, Kristy’s mom being an “unstoppable force of nature,” we got fried from the sun, Hannah ran into me and abused her karate powers, and a lot of schedule complaints. Whoo.

I’ve been doing my summer readings homework (yup, the week before) and I’m clueless on the personifications. D: I only need 2 more and I can type the thing up nicely and forget about it until the first day of school. Meh. T_T I was also flipping through the textbooks out of boredom, and to be honest, only the french book was interesting. The rest was meh. Oh well, textbooks aren’t meant to be entertainments I guess.

Oh, and here’s my schedule, since I’m too lazy to type it every time someone ask¬† =x

02 French – King

03  Chem honors РMacasaet (same science period last year)

04  English 2A РKennett (same English period last year)

05 PE – Simos (same PE period last year)

06 Alg-2 – Buttery

07 World history – Berry ( thought about it, not going to make life harder by taking AP, I’m so lazy)

Lol note – I’ve kept this blog for exactly 1 year and 1 day. ._. wows.