Dear Friend…

Hey _______.

Remember the time that we first met? We were both lost and neither of us could understand the map. You asked me for direction and I asked you for direction. We ended up at the parking lot and late for class that day. Oh, and what about that water balloon party where you insisted on throwing just green water balloons at me and I insisted on throwing purple water balloons at you because we both know that were each other’s favorite colors? The time when we raced each other around the track and ran out of breath during midway? How about that time I tried to sing and you said I was the best singer in the world while other people covered their ears? And that time you pushed me into the pool and I pretended to drown? You freaked out that time didn’t you? Lol, what about that one time we tried to bake muffins and only one turned out right? We had a good fight about it, did you remember? We ended up splitting it in half and I gave you the half with the most sprinkles on it because you love sprinkles…. Man, we had fun didn’t we? I knew you since sixth grade and I’ve been hanging out with you since. You’re always that fun, clever, hyper girl who pokes me in the back when she feels like it and I’m always the girl who threaten to sing when you do. Ahhhh the memories keep coming back.

I’m going to miss you a lot you know. Good luck at your new school. Give me an email once in a while ok? I promise to write back real soon. Oh and you better invite me to your birthday parties 😛 or else I’m going to be mad and send angry kitties to you house, I know how much you hate them.

You-Know-Who! 🙂

Yeah…so one of my friends is going to move away really, really soon because of her dad’s work >_<‘ Ahhh this sucks. We still have email and IM and stuff but I can’t see her at school anymore. I’m planning to get all of my friends and classmates together and write a farewell card for her, I think she’ll like it… I missed her already.T_T


One Response to Dear Friend…

  1. I know how you feel! **sniff**

    I used to live in Canada, then when my dad finished working, we went back to California. I made a BEST BEST BEST friend, and I have to leave her. I haven’t seen her for 3 years already. Istill miss her and cry and cry at night 😦

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