Lazy days.

September 26, 2009

Mmm, I never realized how much I missed days like these. You know, days when everything seems to be moving sluggishly, stress-free, days when the sun is warm instead of scorching, and days when you procrastinate with your homework, go outside and just look at the trees.
I miss summer. 😦 But instead of sulking about how I practically wasted my summer, I’m going to enjoy these last sunny Saturdays as much as I can.
So far I got:
10:30 – Woke up
10:50 – Actually got out of bed with a serious case of bed head
11:10 – Fried rice with cold milk…delicious
11:25 – Chat with friends, caught up with my reading, looked at pretty arts
12:30 – Procrastinated my essay, sat under the sun
12:35 – Blogging o.o

Mmm….I feel life playing something, badminton or basketball maybe, but those involves a group get together and I’m not sure if my friends are taking a day off like me. XD


=_= Bleh. (ranting ahead…I’m sorry)

September 21, 2009

Today was one of those days where things go wrong. (I hatehatehate Mondays)
I didn’t get credit for my math homework because I missed one problem out of 40. ONE! I’ve always hated all or nothing…whatever happened to the middle ground? Heck, I’d be fine with half credit but a zero…all that hard work wasted. So tired. Got a test tomorrow that I’m pretty sure I’ll bomb. I tried to study yesterday and couldn’t focus because the material was so dry. The C I got on that Secret Life of Bees essay, dropping my grade down one letter and a half. Urgh, one day my teacher said that generalization is no required, and the next taking points away from it. I need to fix my atrocious grammar and write better essay, I really do.
“Fiddler on the Roof” essay due this Friday. Lovely…just lovely. I wish the teacher would explain what she wants from us. I can’t meet expectations if I don’t exactly know what those expectations are, can’t I?
I was 100 degrees something today during 5th period, and my class was out running around. I was coughing the whole time…stupid cold. I’m adding better immune system to the huge list of things I want. In World History, I honestly cannot locate half of the countries in the world map. I’m pretty good with the Asian countries, but when it comes to Europe or Africa…well, you don’t wanna know.
I just found out today that my right eye cannot see colors well, and I can’t read from far away with it anymore. Left eye is still fine though…for now. I might need glasses or contacts in the future. Stress.Stress.Stress.
Meh, got lots of more things to say, but I’m going to cut it short…today sounds too depressing already and I got a pile of work to do.
*Sigh* I remember the days where everything went well without me trying so hard…maybe I’m just spoiled. I hope I can work out this mess. I really do.

Draw my thing (OMGpop) and more games

September 17, 2009

Today is staff collaboration day so I get to go home early at around 1. Classes were super short, so the teachers didn’t teach much, and I used that time to finish all of my homework! Whoo. Anyways, I created an OMGPOP account finally after 2 days of playing (“think of all the matches you won Yen, you could have leveled 3 times by now!”) and it’s going good so far. I like how I’m not a LameGuest and how the game stopped giving me annoying prompts telling me to register.
My favorite game has to be Draw My Thing, an online version of pictionary. XD Some words were extremely hard, some were really obvious, and some make you wanna scream at yourself because you know the word, but you can’t spell it.
Pic: A wooden puppet with a really long nose.
3 seconds after, there were guesses.
That went on for 30 seconds, then time was up. The correct answer was Pinocchio. xD
Our room name then got changed to Team Can’t Spell. Lol
Word scrabble is kinda cool, but I suck at typing so I didn’t get as much points as I wanted. I did won 4 times in a row against my friend though, but they blamed it on my Asian genes…haha, like I have any.
Played Tap-Tap revenge extreme mode today on Connie’s iTouch…that wasn’t a good idea. >_> I failed so hard at at tapping the bubbles, and I missed a bunch. Curse you extreme mode…so hard D: Oh well, I’ll win a match someday somehow, even if I have to play against myself on easy mode. :O

Catching up…or attempting to

September 16, 2009

Teachers sure have their own way of saying “welcome to Sophomore year” =_=
Well I’m dead tired. I’ve been taking short 5-15 minutes nap in Algebra 2 and that seemed to help me get through history.
Then I plop down on my bed after school and just sleep like the dead for 2 hours. After that is sifting through my huge pile of homework, AIM some friends, and attempt to self study for french.

Basketball for PE this grading period, and I’m too short to do anything except sneaking around and knocking the basketball off people’s unsuspecting hands. That’s a good distraction for about 5 seconds, then the opponents started throwing overhead passes and our team lost. XD

Watching “The Fiddler on the Roof” for English. That movie is funny (at least the main character is) and I’m supposed to keep in mind the metaphor for a future essay. Essays…*sigh* Well I’m hanging on so far, and that’s good I guess. My teacher sure love essays.
I found out that my English teacher is the CSF supervisor. 😮 She told us all about CSF…really persuasive woman I might add, so I’m thinking of joining it. After all, I qualified, so why not? The volunteering activities are optional, so I can do it when I have the time but if I don’t, I won’t get kicked out. That’s good.

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Yen! Comment vas tu?
Haha…quiz on numbers 1-69 today and I’m expecting a C on it =_=’ The teacher said this is normal, your grade naturally get better as you adapt. I did get some extra credit for doing a good French accent though. That’s good.

Telephone game for History today, lol. The aim of this game is to pass down a story from person to person without messing up the punchline. The teacher diverted out attention with so much useless details that a lot of people messed up. It was funny in the end though.
A guy in a panda costume ordered a bowl of Manhattan clam chowder. Promptly after, the panda shot the waiter then stood up and walked toward the door. The manager ran out, threatened to to call the cops while asking the man in costume why he did it. He promptly tells the man to “look it up in the dictionary”. Confused, the manager looked it up. In the dictionary, the entry for “panda” reads: Panda – Eat shoots and leaves.
XD Eat, shoots, and leaves.

Math and brrraaaaiiinnnzzz *zombifies* :o

September 6, 2009

I know what you guys are thinking right now: “Oh wow, Yen is actually THINKING about schoolwork, my goodness, let’s wheel her to the asylum!”
Yeah well star testing result came in the mail today and surprisingly, I actually passed the California standards. 😮 *throws confetti*
I scored 376 in the math portion, which is like 35+ points more than last year, and it was awesome! XD
Of course, the rest of you guys probably got like 400+ or something, but a 376 is like excellent in my book…considering I had a D+ in Alg 1. For those who unfortunately went to the same middle school as I do, you got to listen to my failure of math a million of times. Okay, it doesn’t help that I got bad teachers for Alg 1 and 2, but I think I’m actually improving.
I’ve always have issues with numbers, it takes ages for me to memorize them so I was always a step behind. For an average math problem, I will take twice as long as you do to solve it, and still get it wrong. Amazing, isn’t it? I have to admit, math is my weak point along with essay writing but it’s makes me happy to see that my math is getting better. This means that I can actually write better if I try (tryyyyy).
The rest of my score were: 468 for English and 496 for Bio. I guess the more I like something, the better score I get. This means I actually have to learn to like math and its infinite number of formulas. :[
I also took this quick right brain left brain test on the internet today about left brain vs right brain (left = logic, right = creativity) and found out boringly that I’m right brain dominance by like 72%. That means that only 28% of the time, I’ll use logic! =D Does that explains so much about me now?
Actually, the 72% is verrryyy baaddd so I need to balance it out more by uh “solving math puzzles and doing critical thinking problems.” I wonder what that means…hmm…sudoku? 😀

Crepes + Nutella =

September 4, 2009

Kristy is epic from bringing food for us. Epic I tell you. Hmm I saw some Nutella at Costco last week…I wonder if I should buy the whole pack.
Today’s rally was fun. Would be AWESOME if Dance Junky gets to finish their dance routine. They were so freaking awesome at every rallies…definitely the best dancers in the school. The seconds are Korean Club, who were dancing to several korean songs with a really cool routine on the Culture Festival. Anyways, I’m happy that the skits were actually decent on the first rally, last year we had so much horrible skits. D: I mean, pretty much of our props were made out of cardboard.
First skit was a school skit that involves Bellerman, James Lick, and Independence…all of our friends/rivals high schools. In the skits Bellerman was portrayed as a goth school, James Lick has people wearing sombreros (I want one of those hats now) dancing to Six Flag theme music, Independence was a ghetto school. The guy visited each of those school and get kicked out every time so he ended up in the last school, Piedmont and started dancing with his buddy. It was so racist and funny at the same time. Oh, guess what the sophomore’s skit this year is! It’s Pokemon! xDDD So much better than the Hawaiian pie-throwing one last year. Junior’s was about body sprays…needless to say, I’m disappointed in them. :< The seniors managed to save the day with their M&M skit, it was adorable. :3 I didn't get to bring one of those balloons from the rally home though. Balloons are fun…and distracting. It's nice to see that the freshmen this year was more enthusiastic than we were. I wonder if they'll have good skit…
Epic highlight of the day: I went temporarily deaf from the senior's roll call. So LOUD! @_@'

:< essays.

September 3, 2009

Why must I be so fail at essays? I can’t write a decent one, at all. D:
Let’s see:
I can read.
I can talk.
I can listen.
I can form complete sentences.
I have decent grammar if I actually proof read.
I can paraphrase.
But why can’t I write a good, solid A material essay?? Am I not meant to be a great writer someday? *cough* okay, that might be a tooooo faaaarrrr of my reach, but still, I wanna be able to write some moving, logical, under the surface essays.
Or else I’m most likely going to fail this year. Lulz.
I don’t know what to do, I’m not the kind of person who can just think of something and a humongous load of carefully thought out sentences magically appear on their paper 5 minutes later. I’m the kind of person that just stare at the paper for a whole 10-20 minutes, with my mind going: “ehhhh.”
Fact is: I fail at quick writes.
Fact is: I fail even harder at in-class essays.
Fact is: Half of the time, I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about in my essays.
Fact is: If thesaurus and spell-check don’t exist, my grade would drop at least by 2 whole letters.
Maybe I should take normal English next year or something…*sigh* I got an essay due really soon, and I got 0 words down, absolutely no idea how to start the intro, body, or conclusion. I don’t even what topic I should pick. Ahhh.
I’m sick of not knowing how to write an essay. So tired today. I don’t think I have learned anything so far this week. It’s review for algebra 1 in math, cornell note in history (the kind that I took a whole class last year for), the secret life of bees discussion, sitting around in gym, more reviewing algebra 1 in chemistry. Meh.
Maybe when I feel better, I’ll come up with some good ideas about my essay. =_= I hope it’s soon, real soon. I can’t afford to fail the first essay after bombing the in class poem assignment.
Life is so hard and complicated, can’t wait for junior and senior years. No wait, college….
I’m just going to stop thinking right now, listen to some music, and doodle. Yup.