Buttons for the side bar.

I’m working on the sidebar decorations at the moment since it looks a bit plain. It might be finished by today but I’m not sure yet because I’m also busy with other things. Lol, I made a cute chocolate pudding one for my blog. xD More will be added here when I finished.

Edit: Alright, I finished two more, now all I need is to get permission from the blog owners to put them up and I’m done with the buttons. I wonder if I should add a banner or two…


6 Responses to Buttons for the side bar.


    I lik eur header XD
    “Approach with Caution” HAHA LOL

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Lol, thanks.
    Oh yeah, can I put your blog in the Blogs section on the left? It’ll be with a picture of the frog kitty I just made.

  3. Oh, That’s great! It’s fine with me… XD

  4. ChocoPuddi says:

    I know! I saw your blog and I just have to find that frog kitty. It is too cute.
    Oh, if you like, you can use it for your blog too. It matches your banner. ^^

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