Story #1: Yellow.

September 30, 2008

Urgh…Why does August has to be so hot? I asked myself as I dragged my completely sweat-drenched body toward my house. Yeah yeah, we all know that the sun is extremely important, but can he tone down the heat here? I’m melting like butter! I paused for a couple of seconds to wipe off the sweat from my face for the hundredth of times. Across the street, a weather forecast was in progress.

“Well folks, it looks like the weather is going to be H-O-T  hot today! Better head home and turn on that AC!” Hot? Hot is an extreme understatement. It’s more like sweltering out here. I keep on muttering to myself until I find myself in front of my house. It’s a good thing my house is only a fifteen minutes walk from school, or maybe that’s a bad thing since I don’t get to take refuge in dad’s air-conditioned car. I opened the front gate and only took four or five steps before I was greeted with a friendly bark and a wag of tail from my golden retriever Scott, who had a bunch of daisies in his mouth. Forgetting the heat for a moment, I bent down and scratched his ears.

“Well Scott, you are going to be so busted when mom finds out you dug up her daisies.” I giggled, and stepped into the house. Ahhh, this is paradise. Whoever invented the AC is a genius! I took off my backpack, threw my shoes on the rack, and plopped on the couch. My mom came by, asked if I’m thirsty, and handed me a cup of ice-cold lemonade. Moms are so great! While I gulped down my lemonade, I watched mom peeled the skin off of a cooked chicken. I wondered what she’ll make. Noticing my curiosity, my mom looked up and smiled her perfect smile with her straighter-than-corn teeth.

After dinner, we popped some popcorn and watched the Olympic beach volleyball. I don’t really get how people can stand running around after a volleyball with the afternoon’s heat on their back for more than an hour. This must be an extreme sport or something. After watching the US won yet another gold medal, I decided to call it a night. Before hitting my bed though, I looked outside at the vast night sky. Stars were scattered everywhere and a crescent moon hung in the middle of the pitch black sky. I found my wishing star and made a silly wish about Scott not getting scolded by Mom when she found out about the daisy accident. Somewhere in the middle of the wish, I drifted to a peaceful sleep.

I woke up with the smell of buttered toast and sun on my face. Sleepily, I headed to the bathroom and didn’t even bother to complain when I accidentally stepped on Scott’s SpongeBob SquarePant chew toy. Oh well, today’s heat was more bearable so I was content. After shoving in mouthfuls of toast and orange juice, I yelled a “Good bye, see you later” to my parents while heading off to school.

I grinned when I suddenly remembered our class get to swim today. Ha, take THAT Mr. I’m-the-sun-and-I’ll-make-you-suffer!


Color theme.

September 30, 2008

Just want to clue you guys in on what I’ll be doing in the future. Lol, I just got a phone call from my friend (she gets to call me late, because of her “awesomeness points” as she likes to call it) telling me that our teacher has this really neat idea for our group’s short stories project for English. We each get to write 3-4 stories about colors. For each color, we need to include objects of that color and “finish with a strong and memorable ending.” I wonder how I’ll fare at this new project. I’m thinking of writing about yellow first and posting the draft here. Heh, I already started on the draft already. xD

Inactive & catching you guys up on things.

September 29, 2008

Yeah…school is so good at being a distraction. This is going to be inactive more than I thought. I haven’t updated since what? A month? Time goes by so fast! Sorry guys. I promise to stay on top of my homework from now on…hopefully soon enough. Right now dumped on my table is a monster pile of homework that I’m currently refusing to look at. There are Geometry problems 1-50, read The Odyssey from Literature textbook, choose a book for independent reading, finish up Biology lab write up, and then a complete sketch of a “hanging light fixture.” (this, I’m guessing is the light that hang on the wall of the dining room) Uhh guys, can I pass out now? >_<

On the good side, I’m loving Honor English despite the enormous amount of work and essays to be done. I don’t know, I just love that class for some reason. Heh, probably because my classmates are super awesome and I got one of the best English teacher in school. Or, mainly, it’s because I absolutely love writing. (Gee, can you tell?) I’m also a huge bookworm too, I just eat up all those good books. Did I tell you how hard it is for me to put down a book once I start? Heh, the reason I must fit in Honor English is probably because the fact that I write just a “little” bit too much for my own good and I read books way to often.

Art is awesome too! I used to think that art class is unnecessarily because I’m more of a doodle sort of person but when a couple of friends signed up for the class, I figured I’ll give it a shot. Turned out, it was a really great decision! The art teacher is really nice and she gives out good tips. We are on this textures/lines project right now and are supposed to work on our surrealism project next month. I can hardly wait!

Oh, and I almost forgot PE.


Oh gosh I’m so nervous/excited. >_<

Ok *breathe* *breathe* *relax* Yeah. Good news guys, I sorta got in the tournament with my friend. 😀 We made it through the practice round (to actually prove that we know the rule and can actually hit the ball right) and the first “real” match is…TOMORROW! Ahh, I gotta practice my swinging. Hopefully my friend and I will make it to at least the 5th match or so. (Lol, wishful thinking, I know) The teacher said if you get a good night sleep and stuff yourself with a nutritious breakfast you should be fine. Yeah, I think she left out the skills part. Well guys, I just hope that somehow, miraculously our opponents will miss the ball enough so that we win. Being beginners isn’t that great of a advantage you know. Oh well, no use thinking about it now.

Oh right…now I got a pile of homework to do. xD Guess I should do it now before it’s too late. Wish me luck! Lol.