Multicultural Festival!

If you are wondering where have I been all Saturday, I was helping the Interact Club selling stuff at the Multicultual Festival. It was great! There was alot of Vietnamese there so my Vietnamese speaking skill was tested. I formed a small group with my friends and we walked around trying to sell the food from our booths. Gosh, those food were delicious! (I tried a few samples myself..Shh, don’t tell) My favorite was the milk bubble tea. It was so good I bought two cups. xD They were five bucks each but well worth it. After we ran out of samples, we walked around and play games. My friend won a stuffed bear on the prize wheel and I won a heart shaped beanie bag. We walked to the Viet booth and we danced with the people on stage. My Viet friends even sang some Vietnamese songs. Then we grab some free shades and pretended we were from the Matrix. Lol. We went back to our booths after a while though. Oh yeah, I tried out face painting for little kids, it was so fun! I drew a pumpkin, two ghosts, a few hearts, and wrote some words. Good thing I take art classes huh? Then I drew mustaches on my friends and they drew glasses on me xD

The festival was great. I felt really good to be able to help out and have fun at the same time. I can’t wait for the next festival!


2 Responses to Multicultural Festival!

  1. Cool! I’m having a carnival at my school. im going for my bday party! XD

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Wow, cool. Happy B-Day! ^^

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