A day before April Fools….

March 31, 2009

Man, today was…interesting. When I opened my email in box this morning, I found an email from my AVID teacher about MyRoad. Being the absolutely clueless and curious creature that am, I immediately clicked on the link, followed the directions, and signed up.
Know the first thing I did? I took a personality quiz. Yup.
Know what I got? An Operator/Troubleshooter. My first thought: Wha? Am I going to be a telephone operator when I grow up?
Anyways, here’s what I am supposedly:

“About 2% of MyRoad participants ISTAs are quiet, fun loving, and independently adventurous. As an ISTA you prefer to critically observe events from a distance and only get involved when you choose to do so. You dislike excessive rules and regulations and enjoy the challenge of seeing how far the rules can be stretched. You are bored by routine and may purposely mix things up or do things differently just to make it interesting.

You enjoy sharing activities with your closest friends and family members, but you protect your private time. You like to participate in physical activities, especially team sports, yet you make your best contribution as an individual. You have a clever sense of humor and can be a real practical joker.

You have a remarkable memory for facts and details in the activities and subjects that capture your attention. Your interests lie in how and why things work, and you love to solve technical and mechanical problems. You are challenged by taking things apart to see how they work and then putting them back together again. You are a master at using a variety of tools at school, on the job, and in your personal ventures.

ISTAs are most often found in career fields where they can use their mechanical and technical skills to work on real problems. As an ISTA you will be most satisfied and productive when you’re involved in work that is allows you to work independently on projects and finding solutions to current problems. You are most interested in jobs that allow you to troubleshoot, negotiate and avoid routine.”

Short version: I’m a very lazy person and will think of creative ways to dodge work or make it fun. I’ll also procrastinate on small projects and homework assignments until the last minute because I work better under pressure.

I’m: Outgoing, Practical, Conservative, Abstract, Analytic, Deliberate, Open-Ended, and Casual.
Huh, I’m somewhat an oxymoron (I love that word!)

Apparently only 2% of the people that took the test got the same result…I feel special. Kidding.

This afternoon/evening was fun!
I was out playing some badminton with my friend because our school had the day off. It was hilarious! The wind kept on messing up all our hits so we had to run around the whole field and missed more than half of the time. The butterflies flying everywhere were also a distraction. There were a lot of butterflies! Since this is their mating season, they kept of flying around the grass field. Yeah, there were probably more than 50 of them flying around in a single field! I regret not bringing my net. I spotted a really cute butterfly that was sitting on the grass and proceeded to drag my friend to catch it. She used a tennis racket and a ziplock bag that previously has chips in it to catch the butterfly. We named it “cha lua” (or as my friend called it, cha luu aaaa!) After that, we ran tracks..with a tire lying on the grass. Then we saw a really huge yellow butterfly, E tried to do some cartwheels but failed, a baby had fun squishing a ladybug, I found out that I can throw a tennis ball really far, and I got my shoes all muddy. Wheee. Man all of that was tiring but worth it! I’m going to bring my net this week to catch butterflies for my bio project. Catching butterflies is difficult, I learned that the hard way. Hopefully I catch at least one on Saturday or Sunday.


A strange dream

March 22, 2009

It’s funny how people can get tired waking up from a good night sleep.

Oh right, correction, a century worth of good night sleep.

Katie wasn’t in the mood for talking. She can’t seem to remember much about her past except the fact that her name was Katie, she has been asleep for a very long time, and that this deserted, dusty place was her home. Sleeping for a long time does things like that to you. The old house was rather shabby, with paint peeling off and cobwebs everywhere. With every step that she took, the wood creaked and groaned like the whole floor was about to collapse. After fumbling around and bumping into objects here and there, she managed to find a lamp. Muttering angrily to herself, she turned the switch. When the room lit up, she noticed a letter with fancy writings on an oaken table and next to the letter, a dusty locket.
“Dear Katie,
I hope that when you read my letter, you will be at least be in one piece. I’m truly sorry about the situation but it was for your own good. I’ve entrusted you with your family’s heirloom, the Lucia Locket. I hope you will try your best to protect it as it will protect you. Your family, at this moment of writing, are perfectly healthy. They are still grieving, but soon, in time, will understand what you’ll need to do. As for me, I’m on a mission to find a cure. The details are for later. Now, I hope you have braced yourself enough for what I’m about to tell you:
You are a”

The letter ended abruptly at the “a” and left Katie in confusion.

What can this mysterious person mean? What spell? A family heirloom? Where are my family and who are they? What am I? Why can’t I remember anything?
She asked so many questions but only received a blank silence. Cold walls weren’t exactly the ideal thing that can answer her questions right now. Katie didn’t get a chance to think much because she was interrupted with a sharp growl of her stomach.

The dust-filled cabinets didn’t have much except for some crackers that are way past the expiration date. Suddenly there was a strange noise. It came closer and closer by the second and Katie’s heart was jumping all the way to her throat. A long shadow suddenly stretched near the door…

…and then I woke up.

Oh jeez that was a WEIRDLY vivid dream. I guess this is what happens when you watch Harry Potter and some scary movie late at night.
Well, I did get a nice story out of it…I did add some parts to it, but this story is based on my dream. Strange, is it?

PS: yeah, this is random. I’ve got to meet my quota, don’t I?

Heart’s medicine.

March 17, 2009



  • 10 mg of grins
  • 50 mg of laughs
  • 20 mg of jokes
  • 35 mg  of friends
  • 30 mg of warm hugs
  • 70 mg of family

Take twice daily with cookies and milk.


  • may cause sudden happiness, fuzzy and warm feelings, smiling 24/7, sudden outburst of singing, ect.
  • highly addictive

Don’t take if:

There’s absolutely no reason you should avoid taking this.

This is a more detailed and shaded version of a doodle in art. Excuse the horrible shading, I used no references so it’s probably way off. >_< Sorry.

The point is, everyone need a dose of this medicine. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like those nasty cough drops at all. It tastes like honeyed liquid sunshine. :]

Have you taken

your dose today?

Theme Change?

March 15, 2009

Ok guys, I need your opinions. Should I keep my old theme (Blix) or this theme? If you don’t like it, care to suggest a theme?
I’ll be popping up randomly and tweaking my custom header around a bit. I really like the chocolate header, but I think I might have misplaced the file for it…guess I’ll have to create another one until I can find it.
MistyLook, Regulus, Contempt.

Ok, a friend of mine suggested something blue, Animalluver wanted it to be Blix, anymore suggestions?

Bug project.

March 12, 2009

Today while walking mindlessly around the park, I somehow caught a bug with the bag that I brought to hold all the water bottles. It was hilarious, I was practically hopping around the field for that one bug and by the time I’ve caught it, my jeans were grass-stained. I wish my teacher would just give us the net, it’d save the trouble. Why was I out at the park trying to do something that I practically fail at? Oh, it’s because there’s this bug project for Biology class worth 300 points. Ahh, that’s a lot of points and I can’t fail it. We were supposed to get 10 bugs from 10 different orders and pin them on styrofoam. Yes, pin them like those butterfly collection. I’m ok with bug catching and all, but I don’t really want to touch the bugs, let alone sticking needles into them.


Well, the pinning demonstration is next Tuesday, and I’m going to bring this bug to my teacher that day for extra credit. Don’t worry, the bug is going to be dead because it’s already in a special-made kill jar (my friend said the jar smells like nail polish). I don’t even know what bug I caught, but it resembles a grasshopper a little. I should probably scribble this to my field notebook. We have to write an entry for each bug we see, caught, or freed and then do some research about that particular bug. I should’ve catch something more easy to identify…Oh well.

On a totally unrelated topic, it seems that everyone is my school is getting sick nowadays. My friend was coughing a lot in Geometry and two of my teachers were out on a sick leave. Oh, and the allergy is pretty bad too. We were running around the field for PE and people were stopping and sneezing because they were allergic to grass and pollen. 😦 I feel bad for those people…hmm, I wonder if I’m allergic to anything? I hope not.

Today was a really lazy day at school. It was sunny and an early day so the teacher just gave out the homework and corrected papers. I managed to finish all of my homework in most of my class so I have time to go online and actually post a meaningful update on my blog. Yeah that explained why I’m on right now and not busting my brain out solving those circle problems and obsessing about K-strategists and R-strategists. School days go by so fast…it’s seems like last week was the first day of school. One moment I was so busy getting lost through the campus, the next I was trying really hard to absorb all of the things that we are suppose to learn in class and the fwoosh, the first semester is over and now it’s almost the middle of March. Haha, In the summer, I’ll probably be sitting in my chair, bored, shifting through my posts and realized that I didn’t do that much in the school year. I should’ve tried out for that tennis or badminton team tryout, I could have made it in by some miracle. Hopefully they won’t cancel sports next year. :[

My flower project.

March 9, 2009

..and it’s a hibiscus (I think). I did really well on this project, I got an 95%. My artwork is going to be hanged on the wall too. I messed up a lot while doing this thing, and had to erase a bunch of times. The shading was a pain to do, some parts were blotchy, some parts were too dark, and some parts needed highlights. It was somewhat annoying to do, but I mainly enjoyed doing the project. Sorry about the bad quality, I was in a rush and forgot to resize my image.


Time taken: 5 hours
Material used: mech. pencil, HB graphite pencil, yellow #2 pencil, eraser.

EDIT: I’ve reuploaded a cropped version that’s slightly bigger.

Daylight Saving Time.

March 8, 2009

Remember to set your clock forward today guys…or else you’ll be late to school tomorrow.
…and I totally forgot what else I’m going to say in this post. Urgh, I hate it when this happens. D=