Pile of work! :x

Wheeew, I’m glad that is over. I got one hectic week. I got bombarded with tests everyday this week so I didn’t have the time to update my blog. Geh, there goes my promise of keeping this blog active. >_< Well, school is a good enough reason right? I notice that teachers tend to assign hard assignments and give hard quizzes at the end of every grading period. Recently, I just had a Math test worth 33% of my grade! Imagine if I bomb that one! Oh man, the pressure is on now. This can actually lower my A. Hopefully I did well like on my quizzes. Math and PE are the two subject I’m not good at and if I drop below a B+ I’ll not get as much computer time. My parents are seriously doting parents lol. Also, the grade in your other classes worth 30% of your AVID grade. Yeah, now you figured out why I was cramming like crazy right before the grading period end. I really want my grade to look good on my report card. xD Now I can slack off just a bit and actually have time to do stuff rather than stuck in my room studying all day. Yay.

Oh yeah, guess what I’m doing in PE? Rock climbing! The wall is really high and I have a slight fear of height. Yikes! The PE grade this grading period is not looking so good. The wall I have to climb is really high and I really don’t have that much arm muscle. Nooo, why did I spent so much time on a chair everyday? I need to exercise more if I want to climb that wall.


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