Math and brrraaaaiiinnnzzz *zombifies* :o

I know what you guys are thinking right now: “Oh wow, Yen is actually THINKING about schoolwork, my goodness, let’s wheel her to the asylum!”
Yeah well star testing result came in the mail today and surprisingly, I actually passed the California standards. 😮 *throws confetti*
I scored 376 in the math portion, which is like 35+ points more than last year, and it was awesome! XD
Of course, the rest of you guys probably got like 400+ or something, but a 376 is like excellent in my book…considering I had a D+ in Alg 1. For those who unfortunately went to the same middle school as I do, you got to listen to my failure of math a million of times. Okay, it doesn’t help that I got bad teachers for Alg 1 and 2, but I think I’m actually improving.
I’ve always have issues with numbers, it takes ages for me to memorize them so I was always a step behind. For an average math problem, I will take twice as long as you do to solve it, and still get it wrong. Amazing, isn’t it? I have to admit, math is my weak point along with essay writing but it’s makes me happy to see that my math is getting better. This means that I can actually write better if I try (tryyyyy).
The rest of my score were: 468 for English and 496 for Bio. I guess the more I like something, the better score I get. This means I actually have to learn to like math and its infinite number of formulas. :[
I also took this quick right brain left brain test on the internet today about left brain vs right brain (left = logic, right = creativity) and found out boringly that I’m right brain dominance by like 72%. That means that only 28% of the time, I’ll use logic! =D Does that explains so much about me now?
Actually, the 72% is verrryyy baaddd so I need to balance it out more by uh “solving math puzzles and doing critical thinking problems.” I wonder what that means…hmm…sudoku? 😀


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