Crepes + Nutella =

Kristy is epic from bringing food for us. Epic I tell you. Hmm I saw some Nutella at Costco last week…I wonder if I should buy the whole pack.
Today’s rally was fun. Would be AWESOME if Dance Junky gets to finish their dance routine. They were so freaking awesome at every rallies…definitely the best dancers in the school. The seconds are Korean Club, who were dancing to several korean songs with a really cool routine on the Culture Festival. Anyways, I’m happy that the skits were actually decent on the first rally, last year we had so much horrible skits. D: I mean, pretty much of our props were made out of cardboard.
First skit was a school skit that involves Bellerman, James Lick, and Independence…all of our friends/rivals high schools. In the skits Bellerman was portrayed as a goth school, James Lick has people wearing sombreros (I want one of those hats now) dancing to Six Flag theme music, Independence was a ghetto school. The guy visited each of those school and get kicked out every time so he ended up in the last school, Piedmont and started dancing with his buddy. It was so racist and funny at the same time. Oh, guess what the sophomore’s skit this year is! It’s Pokemon! xDDD So much better than the Hawaiian pie-throwing one last year. Junior’s was about body sprays…needless to say, I’m disappointed in them. :< The seniors managed to save the day with their M&M skit, it was adorable. :3 I didn't get to bring one of those balloons from the rally home though. Balloons are fun…and distracting. It's nice to see that the freshmen this year was more enthusiastic than we were. I wonder if they'll have good skit…
Epic highlight of the day: I went temporarily deaf from the senior's roll call. So LOUD! @_@'


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