Draw my thing (OMGpop) and more games

Today is staff collaboration day so I get to go home early at around 1. Classes were super short, so the teachers didn’t teach much, and I used that time to finish all of my homework! Whoo. Anyways, I created an OMGPOP account finally after 2 days of playing (“think of all the matches you won Yen, you could have leveled 3 times by now!”) and it’s going good so far. I like how I’m not a LameGuest and how the game stopped giving me annoying prompts telling me to register.
My favorite game has to be Draw My Thing, an online version of pictionary. XD Some words were extremely hard, some were really obvious, and some make you wanna scream at yourself because you know the word, but you can’t spell it.
Pic: A wooden puppet with a really long nose.
3 seconds after, there were guesses.
That went on for 30 seconds, then time was up. The correct answer was Pinocchio. xD
Our room name then got changed to Team Can’t Spell. Lol
Word scrabble is kinda cool, but I suck at typing so I didn’t get as much points as I wanted. I did won 4 times in a row against my friend though, but they blamed it on my Asian genes…haha, like I have any.
Played Tap-Tap revenge extreme mode today on Connie’s iTouch…that wasn’t a good idea. >_> I failed so hard at at tapping the bubbles, and I missed a bunch. Curse you extreme mode…so hard D: Oh well, I’ll win a match someday somehow, even if I have to play against myself on easy mode. :O


2 Responses to Draw my thing (OMGpop) and more games

  1. Ahhh what is your OMGPOP name? I have an account!! 😀
    LOL Team Can’t Spell. Epic fai– SUCCESS! 😉

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    It’s artehsmarteh because I have no creativity for names. xD

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