=_= Bleh. (ranting ahead…I’m sorry)

September 21, 2009

Today was one of those days where things go wrong. (I hatehatehate Mondays)
I didn’t get credit for my math homework because I missed one problem out of 40. ONE! I’ve always hated all or nothing…whatever happened to the middle ground? Heck, I’d be fine with half credit but a zero…all that hard work wasted. So tired. Got a test tomorrow that I’m pretty sure I’ll bomb. I tried to study yesterday and couldn’t focus because the material was so dry. The C I got on that Secret Life of Bees essay, dropping my grade down one letter and a half. Urgh, one day my teacher said that generalization is no required, and the next taking points away from it. I need to fix my atrocious grammar and write better essay, I really do.
“Fiddler on the Roof” essay due this Friday. Lovely…just lovely. I wish the teacher would explain what she wants from us. I can’t meet expectations if I don’t exactly know what those expectations are, can’t I?
I was 100 degrees something today during 5th period, and my class was out running around. I was coughing the whole time…stupid cold. I’m adding better immune system to the huge list of things I want. In World History, I honestly cannot locate half of the countries in the world map. I’m pretty good with the Asian countries, but when it comes to Europe or Africa…well, you don’t wanna know.
I just found out today that my right eye cannot see colors well, and I can’t read from far away with it anymore. Left eye is still fine though…for now. I might need glasses or contacts in the future. Stress.Stress.Stress.
Meh, got lots of more things to say, but I’m going to cut it short…today sounds too depressing already and I got a pile of work to do.
*Sigh* I remember the days where everything went well without me trying so hard…maybe I’m just spoiled. I hope I can work out this mess. I really do.