Lazy days.

Mmm, I never realized how much I missed days like these. You know, days when everything seems to be moving sluggishly, stress-free, days when the sun is warm instead of scorching, and days when you procrastinate with your homework, go outside and just look at the trees.
I miss summer. 😦 But instead of sulking about how I practically wasted my summer, I’m going to enjoy these last sunny Saturdays as much as I can.
So far I got:
10:30 – Woke up
10:50 – Actually got out of bed with a serious case of bed head
11:10 – Fried rice with cold milk…delicious
11:25 – Chat with friends, caught up with my reading, looked at pretty arts
12:30 – Procrastinated my essay, sat under the sun
12:35 – Blogging o.o

Mmm….I feel life playing something, badminton or basketball maybe, but those involves a group get together and I’m not sure if my friends are taking a day off like me. XD


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