A strange dream

It’s funny how people can get tired waking up from a good night sleep.

Oh right, correction, a century worth of good night sleep.

Katie wasn’t in the mood for talking. She can’t seem to remember much about her past except the fact that her name was Katie, she has been asleep for a very long time, and that this deserted, dusty place was her home. Sleeping for a long time does things like that to you. The old house was rather shabby, with paint peeling off and cobwebs everywhere. With every step that she took, the wood creaked and groaned like the whole floor was about to collapse. After fumbling around and bumping into objects here and there, she managed to find a lamp. Muttering angrily to herself, she turned the switch. When the room lit up, she noticed a letter with fancy writings on an oaken table and next to the letter, a dusty locket.
“Dear Katie,
I hope that when you read my letter, you will be at least be in one piece. I’m truly sorry about the situation but it was for your own good. I’ve entrusted you with your family’s heirloom, the Lucia Locket. I hope you will try your best to protect it as it will protect you. Your family, at this moment of writing, are perfectly healthy. They are still grieving, but soon, in time, will understand what you’ll need to do. As for me, I’m on a mission to find a cure. The details are for later. Now, I hope you have braced yourself enough for what I’m about to tell you:
You are a”

The letter ended abruptly at the “a” and left Katie in confusion.

What can this mysterious person mean? What spell? A family heirloom? Where are my family and who are they? What am I? Why can’t I remember anything?
She asked so many questions but only received a blank silence. Cold walls weren’t exactly the ideal thing that can answer her questions right now. Katie didn’t get a chance to think much because she was interrupted with a sharp growl of her stomach.

The dust-filled cabinets didn’t have much except for some crackers that are way past the expiration date. Suddenly there was a strange noise. It came closer and closer by the second and Katie’s heart was jumping all the way to her throat. A long shadow suddenly stretched near the door…

…and then I woke up.

Oh jeez that was a WEIRDLY vivid dream. I guess this is what happens when you watch Harry Potter and some scary movie late at night.
Well, I did get a nice story out of it…I did add some parts to it, but this story is based on my dream. Strange, is it?

PS: yeah, this is random. I’ve got to meet my quota, don’t I?


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