Theme Change?

Ok guys, I need your opinions. Should I keep my old theme (Blix) or this theme? If you don’t like it, care to suggest a theme?
I’ll be popping up randomly and tweaking my custom header around a bit. I really like the chocolate header, but I think I might have misplaced the file for it…guess I’ll have to create another one until I can find it.
MistyLook, Regulus, Contempt.

Ok, a friend of mine suggested something blue, Animalluver wanted it to be Blix, anymore suggestions?


4 Responses to Theme Change?

  1. i lie old theme.
    me no lie this theme.
    ^^ me opinion.

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Thanks for the input. How do you feel about Blix vs Contempt (you know, my old old old theme)?

  3. idk?
    btw, what program do you use for your header?

  4. ChocoPuddi says:

    Photoshop Creative Suite 3. I’m still bad at using it though. Should have taken a graphic designer class. >_<

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