Bug project.

Today while walking mindlessly around the park, I somehow caught a bug with the bag that I brought to hold all the water bottles. It was hilarious, I was practically hopping around the field for that one bug and by the time I’ve caught it, my jeans were grass-stained. I wish my teacher would just give us the net, it’d save the trouble. Why was I out at the park trying to do something that I practically fail at? Oh, it’s because there’s this bug project for Biology class worth 300 points. Ahh, that’s a lot of points and I can’t fail it. We were supposed to get 10 bugs from 10 different orders and pin them on styrofoam. Yes, pin them like those butterfly collection. I’m ok with bug catching and all, but I don’t really want to touch the bugs, let alone sticking needles into them.


Well, the pinning demonstration is next Tuesday, and I’m going to bring this bug to my teacher that day for extra credit. Don’t worry, the bug is going to be dead because it’s already in a special-made kill jar (my friend said the jar smells like nail polish). I don’t even know what bug I caught, but it resembles a grasshopper a little. I should probably scribble this to my field notebook. We have to write an entry for each bug we see, caught, or freed and then do some research about that particular bug. I should’ve catch something more easy to identify…Oh well.

On a totally unrelated topic, it seems that everyone is my school is getting sick nowadays. My friend was coughing a lot in Geometry and two of my teachers were out on a sick leave. Oh, and the allergy is pretty bad too. We were running around the field for PE and people were stopping and sneezing because they were allergic to grass and pollen. 😦 I feel bad for those people…hmm, I wonder if I’m allergic to anything? I hope not.

Today was a really lazy day at school. It was sunny and an early day so the teacher just gave out the homework and corrected papers. I managed to finish all of my homework in most of my class so I have time to go online and actually post a meaningful update on my blog. Yeah that explained why I’m on right now and not busting my brain out solving those circle problems and obsessing about K-strategists and R-strategists. School days go by so fast…it’s seems like last week was the first day of school. One moment I was so busy getting lost through the campus, the next I was trying really hard to absorb all of the things that we are suppose to learn in class and the fwoosh, the first semester is over and now it’s almost the middle of March. Haha, In the summer, I’ll probably be sitting in my chair, bored, shifting through my posts and realized that I didn’t do that much in the school year. I should’ve tried out for that tennis or badminton team tryout, I could have made it in by some miracle. Hopefully they won’t cancel sports next year. :[


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