Heart’s medicine.



  • 10 mg of grins
  • 50 mg of laughs
  • 20 mg of jokes
  • 35 mg  of friends
  • 30 mg of warm hugs
  • 70 mg of family

Take twice daily with cookies and milk.


  • may cause sudden happiness, fuzzy and warm feelings, smiling 24/7, sudden outburst of singing, ect.
  • highly addictive

Don’t take if:

There’s absolutely no reason you should avoid taking this.

This is a more detailed and shaded version of a doodle in art. Excuse the horrible shading, I used no references so it’s probably way off. >_< Sorry.

The point is, everyone need a dose of this medicine. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like those nasty cough drops at all. It tastes like honeyed liquid sunshine. :]

Have you taken

your dose today?


3 Responses to Heart’s medicine.

  1. emlocks says:

    That was SO great!
    I totally agree that people need a little bit more love in their life! I dedicate part of my blog to the importance of love in ones life and the things I love to love! I particularly love the instructions! Now this is my kind of medicine!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!! 🙂

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Heh, it’s my kind of medicine too. 🙂
    Everyone needs lots of love in their life, it’s true.

  3. teriyakifan says:

    Aww.. I like this too! 😉 I’m actually craving a cookie with a glass of milk right now too… =P

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