Inactive & catching you guys up on things.

Yeah…school is so good at being a distraction. This is going to be inactive more than I thought. I haven’t updated since what? A month? Time goes by so fast! Sorry guys. I promise to stay on top of my homework from now on…hopefully soon enough. Right now dumped on my table is a monster pile of homework that I’m currently refusing to look at. There are Geometry problems 1-50, read The Odyssey from Literature textbook, choose a book for independent reading, finish up Biology lab write up, and then a complete sketch of a “hanging light fixture.” (this, I’m guessing is the light that hang on the wall of the dining room) Uhh guys, can I pass out now? >_<

On the good side, I’m loving Honor English despite the enormous amount of work and essays to be done. I don’t know, I just love that class for some reason. Heh, probably because my classmates are super awesome and I got one of the best English teacher in school. Or, mainly, it’s because I absolutely love writing. (Gee, can you tell?) I’m also a huge bookworm too, I just eat up all those good books. Did I tell you how hard it is for me to put down a book once I start? Heh, the reason I must fit in Honor English is probably because the fact that I write just a “little” bit too much for my own good and I read books way to often.

Art is awesome too! I used to think that art class is unnecessarily because I’m more of a doodle sort of person but when a couple of friends signed up for the class, I figured I’ll give it a shot. Turned out, it was a really great decision! The art teacher is really nice and she gives out good tips. We are on this textures/lines project right now and are supposed to work on our surrealism project next month. I can hardly wait!

Oh, and I almost forgot PE.


Oh gosh I’m so nervous/excited. >_<

Ok *breathe* *breathe* *relax* Yeah. Good news guys, I sorta got in the tournament with my friend. 😀 We made it through the practice round (to actually prove that we know the rule and can actually hit the ball right) and the first “real” match is…TOMORROW! Ahh, I gotta practice my swinging. Hopefully my friend and I will make it to at least the 5th match or so. (Lol, wishful thinking, I know) The teacher said if you get a good night sleep and stuff yourself with a nutritious breakfast you should be fine. Yeah, I think she left out the skills part. Well guys, I just hope that somehow, miraculously our opponents will miss the ball enough so that we win. Being beginners isn’t that great of a advantage you know. Oh well, no use thinking about it now.

Oh right…now I got a pile of homework to do. xD Guess I should do it now before it’s too late. Wish me luck! Lol.


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