Story #1: Yellow.

Urgh…Why does August has to be so hot? I asked myself as I dragged my completely sweat-drenched body toward my house. Yeah yeah, we all know that the sun is extremely important, but can he tone down the heat here? I’m melting like butter! I paused for a couple of seconds to wipe off the sweat from my face for the hundredth of times. Across the street, a weather forecast was in progress.

“Well folks, it looks like the weather is going to be H-O-T  hot today! Better head home and turn on that AC!” Hot? Hot is an extreme understatement. It’s more like sweltering out here. I keep on muttering to myself until I find myself in front of my house. It’s a good thing my house is only a fifteen minutes walk from school, or maybe that’s a bad thing since I don’t get to take refuge in dad’s air-conditioned car. I opened the front gate and only took four or five steps before I was greeted with a friendly bark and a wag of tail from my golden retriever Scott, who had a bunch of daisies in his mouth. Forgetting the heat for a moment, I bent down and scratched his ears.

“Well Scott, you are going to be so busted when mom finds out you dug up her daisies.” I giggled, and stepped into the house. Ahhh, this is paradise. Whoever invented the AC is a genius! I took off my backpack, threw my shoes on the rack, and plopped on the couch. My mom came by, asked if I’m thirsty, and handed me a cup of ice-cold lemonade. Moms are so great! While I gulped down my lemonade, I watched mom peeled the skin off of a cooked chicken. I wondered what she’ll make. Noticing my curiosity, my mom looked up and smiled her perfect smile with her straighter-than-corn teeth.

After dinner, we popped some popcorn and watched the Olympic beach volleyball. I don’t really get how people can stand running around after a volleyball with the afternoon’s heat on their back for more than an hour. This must be an extreme sport or something. After watching the US won yet another gold medal, I decided to call it a night. Before hitting my bed though, I looked outside at the vast night sky. Stars were scattered everywhere and a crescent moon hung in the middle of the pitch black sky. I found my wishing star and made a silly wish about Scott not getting scolded by Mom when she found out about the daisy accident. Somewhere in the middle of the wish, I drifted to a peaceful sleep.

I woke up with the smell of buttered toast and sun on my face. Sleepily, I headed to the bathroom and didn’t even bother to complain when I accidentally stepped on Scott’s SpongeBob SquarePant chew toy. Oh well, today’s heat was more bearable so I was content. After shoving in mouthfuls of toast and orange juice, I yelled a “Good bye, see you later” to my parents while heading off to school.

I grinned when I suddenly remembered our class get to swim today. Ha, take THAT Mr. I’m-the-sun-and-I’ll-make-you-suffer!


2 Responses to Story #1: Yellow.

  1. Not Bad! This is great!

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Heh, thankies. Now I’m starting on the “Red” story. I wonder if it’ll turn out as good as this one.

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