Been thinking lately…

October 10, 2009

I dunno why, but I’ve been interesting in sci-fi and futuristic stuff lately. Maybe I’m not as down to Earth as I’d like to be, even in high school an all. I watched movies about utopias, read Fahrenheit 451 again, and watched a few Stargate episodes. Sometimes I wonder if I look forward to the future so much, why do I keep dwelling on the past?
I regretted doing this and that, and I wondered if this and that changed, what would happen to me. Then I wonder if I’m doing the right thing, taking these classes or not. It’s not that I hate choices, I hate making the wrong choices and regret about them later. I wish I don’t have to regret about my own decisions. Regrets only waste my time, but I just can’t stop regretting.I want to be able to just…go with the flow and enjoy life as much as possible. When did things get so complicated?
School is a good distraction much work to do. I got a book to read for English that I haven’t even open the cover. XD
Sketching lots of stuff lately, but haven’t has the motivation to finish them. I got a bunch of animal sketches somewhere in my messy room, but I’m really lazy about finishing them. Drawing streaks come and go I guess.
I also saw this amazing sand artist on youtube that got me wonder if I will ever pull off 1/10th of what she can do. I mean, I used to scribble pictures and make those sand castles every time we have a chance to go to the beach and even went to a sand workshop when I was little but to actually tell a story, teach a lesson, and inspire people with my art? Highly unlikely. I’m more of a pencil and paper person, but I really like sand art. I like how sand is so beautiful but so easily washed away. No sand is exactly the same, so each sand art is unique. It reminds us that our life is short, but beautiful.