Math and brrraaaaiiinnnzzz *zombifies* :o

September 6, 2009

I know what you guys are thinking right now: “Oh wow, Yen is actually THINKING about schoolwork, my goodness, let’s wheel her to the asylum!”
Yeah well star testing result came in the mail today and surprisingly, I actually passed the California standards. 😮 *throws confetti*
I scored 376 in the math portion, which is like 35+ points more than last year, and it was awesome! XD
Of course, the rest of you guys probably got like 400+ or something, but a 376 is like excellent in my book…considering I had a D+ in Alg 1. For those who unfortunately went to the same middle school as I do, you got to listen to my failure of math a million of times. Okay, it doesn’t help that I got bad teachers for Alg 1 and 2, but I think I’m actually improving.
I’ve always have issues with numbers, it takes ages for me to memorize them so I was always a step behind. For an average math problem, I will take twice as long as you do to solve it, and still get it wrong. Amazing, isn’t it? I have to admit, math is my weak point along with essay writing but it’s makes me happy to see that my math is getting better. This means that I can actually write better if I try (tryyyyy).
The rest of my score were: 468 for English and 496 for Bio. I guess the more I like something, the better score I get. This means I actually have to learn to like math and its infinite number of formulas. :[
I also took this quick right brain left brain test on the internet today about left brain vs right brain (left = logic, right = creativity) and found out boringly that I’m right brain dominance by like 72%. That means that only 28% of the time, I’ll use logic! =D Does that explains so much about me now?
Actually, the 72% is verrryyy baaddd so I need to balance it out more by uh “solving math puzzles and doing critical thinking problems.” I wonder what that means…hmm…sudoku? 😀


Crepes + Nutella =

September 4, 2009

Kristy is epic from bringing food for us. Epic I tell you. Hmm I saw some Nutella at Costco last week…I wonder if I should buy the whole pack.
Today’s rally was fun. Would be AWESOME if Dance Junky gets to finish their dance routine. They were so freaking awesome at every rallies…definitely the best dancers in the school. The seconds are Korean Club, who were dancing to several korean songs with a really cool routine on the Culture Festival. Anyways, I’m happy that the skits were actually decent on the first rally, last year we had so much horrible skits. D: I mean, pretty much of our props were made out of cardboard.
First skit was a school skit that involves Bellerman, James Lick, and Independence…all of our friends/rivals high schools. In the skits Bellerman was portrayed as a goth school, James Lick has people wearing sombreros (I want one of those hats now) dancing to Six Flag theme music, Independence was a ghetto school. The guy visited each of those school and get kicked out every time so he ended up in the last school, Piedmont and started dancing with his buddy. It was so racist and funny at the same time. Oh, guess what the sophomore’s skit this year is! It’s Pokemon! xDDD So much better than the Hawaiian pie-throwing one last year. Junior’s was about body sprays…needless to say, I’m disappointed in them. :< The seniors managed to save the day with their M&M skit, it was adorable. :3 I didn't get to bring one of those balloons from the rally home though. Balloons are fun…and distracting. It's nice to see that the freshmen this year was more enthusiastic than we were. I wonder if they'll have good skit…
Epic highlight of the day: I went temporarily deaf from the senior's roll call. So LOUD! @_@'

:< essays.

September 3, 2009

Why must I be so fail at essays? I can’t write a decent one, at all. D:
Let’s see:
I can read.
I can talk.
I can listen.
I can form complete sentences.
I have decent grammar if I actually proof read.
I can paraphrase.
But why can’t I write a good, solid A material essay?? Am I not meant to be a great writer someday? *cough* okay, that might be a tooooo faaaarrrr of my reach, but still, I wanna be able to write some moving, logical, under the surface essays.
Or else I’m most likely going to fail this year. Lulz.
I don’t know what to do, I’m not the kind of person who can just think of something and a humongous load of carefully thought out sentences magically appear on their paper 5 minutes later. I’m the kind of person that just stare at the paper for a whole 10-20 minutes, with my mind going: “ehhhh.”
Fact is: I fail at quick writes.
Fact is: I fail even harder at in-class essays.
Fact is: Half of the time, I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about in my essays.
Fact is: If thesaurus and spell-check don’t exist, my grade would drop at least by 2 whole letters.
Maybe I should take normal English next year or something…*sigh* I got an essay due really soon, and I got 0 words down, absolutely no idea how to start the intro, body, or conclusion. I don’t even what topic I should pick. Ahhh.
I’m sick of not knowing how to write an essay. So tired today. I don’t think I have learned anything so far this week. It’s review for algebra 1 in math, cornell note in history (the kind that I took a whole class last year for), the secret life of bees discussion, sitting around in gym, more reviewing algebra 1 in chemistry. Meh.
Maybe when I feel better, I’ll come up with some good ideas about my essay. =_= I hope it’s soon, real soon. I can’t afford to fail the first essay after bombing the in class poem assignment.
Life is so hard and complicated, can’t wait for junior and senior years. No wait, college….
I’m just going to stop thinking right now, listen to some music, and doodle. Yup.

The eeLion??? project.

September 2, 2009

No official(?) name at the moment, but I figure it’d be cool…if we can finish it by the end of the school year. Lol.
So today my friend Elysa and I was extremely bored and like all of our aim conversations, this one also turned out quite weird and random. Somehow, the topic drifted to creating a new world/island/continent thing. We figures if we get more friends to participate and draw stuffs, we each will have less work (hey, we are a bunch of lazy asians).
So far, the project is still in the process of brainstorming, so it’s not finalized yet. We got some landmarks, some geographic features, other countries, the earth crusts(!), and warefare brainstormed. Still got A LOT to do and if we actually do this one, it’s be awesome. I just know it.

Panda, panddaaaa

August 30, 2009

Q__Q Pandas are absolutely adorable…I couldn’t resist drawing one when animalluver mentioned I should draw a bear.
So here I present to you, a sleeping panda. :3
panda dream copy

On to school work, I think our Bull Durham Credo assignment was kind of cool. It’s also a bit challenging because it mostly revolves about what do you believe in. First, my mind was blank and I was clueless about what to write and what style to write the poem in, then I decided to just forget about it and write about the first things that popped into my mind. I ended up having too much stuffs and have to get rid of some. I’m going to decorate the final product with a border and draw some pictures with a marker. I think it’ll turn out okay….I’m sooo not good with writing assignments. D:
Yen’s sad attempt at poetry:
I believe in the jar full of hearts,
the stories untold,
the sweet memories unforgotten,
the art of annoying people,
the jokes that make no sense,
lazy evenings, autumn’s leaves, shooting stars.

But the people who tell you that you absolutely can’t chase your dreams no matter what are kidding themselves because they are afraid.

I believe in waking up half past noon,
I believe in grass stained jeans,
I believe in throwing pebbles at people’s shoes,
jumping on the furniture, mechanical pencils, melted chocolate bars.

And I believe in sitting under a shady tree with the music blaring while eating oreos dunked in milk and looking up at the clouds above because for a moment, you feel like a little kid again.

This video made me smile.

August 29, 2009


For the rest of us, whose brains are still on vacation. =D

August 28, 2009

Here you go Beth, a failed picture. I failed to shade over some parts, but it turned out okay…hopefully. xD
I wanna sip coconut juice under a palm tree and stick my toes in the cool water right now. D:
palm trees copy