Officially joined CSF

I finally got the chance to turn in my application and my $10 fee…now I’m officially in 😀
The club meeting was so crowded! I was barely able to walk through the crowd and find the club leaders. Hmm, now I gotta do 4 activities per semester…hopefully the time won’t clash with French club’s activities.
French club is fun. =] I saw some of my friends there, and we watched skits about french. There were also this one French opera that was free for kids, but I didn’t go…ah well.
English is hard as one month, I did 3 essays and 3-4 short writing assignments! D: The essays were like 3-4 days apart, hardly enough time do make it as nice as possible. She graded really tough too, but I want my A and I’ma get it! >:OHmm, chapter test for Chem on Wednesday…I think I’m okay for that.
Urgh, so busy nowadays. I think I’ll push myself to finish that butterfly picture before I forget…and maybe color it with markers…lol. I need to read The Joy Luck Club too. I think it’s due…2 weeks from now? I’m not as sure of things nowadays. Self-doubting is really frustrating. Sometimes I’d hesitate and lose my chance to make a move or make the wrong move anyways. Going with your guts is harder than I thought.
According to “someone,” I could be a genius if I actually work harder and don’t procrastinate.
I find this hard to believe because I don’t think I can quit being lazy…>_>


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