Panda, panddaaaa

Q__Q Pandas are absolutely adorable…I couldn’t resist drawing one when animalluver mentioned I should draw a bear.
So here I present to you, a sleeping panda. :3
panda dream copy

On to school work, I think our Bull Durham Credo assignment was kind of cool. It’s also a bit challenging because it mostly revolves about what do you believe in. First, my mind was blank and I was clueless about what to write and what style to write the poem in, then I decided to just forget about it and write about the first things that popped into my mind. I ended up having too much stuffs and have to get rid of some. I’m going to decorate the final product with a border and draw some pictures with a marker. I think it’ll turn out okay….I’m sooo not good with writing assignments. D:
Yen’s sad attempt at poetry:
I believe in the jar full of hearts,
the stories untold,
the sweet memories unforgotten,
the art of annoying people,
the jokes that make no sense,
lazy evenings, autumn’s leaves, shooting stars.

But the people who tell you that you absolutely can’t chase your dreams no matter what are kidding themselves because they are afraid.

I believe in waking up half past noon,
I believe in grass stained jeans,
I believe in throwing pebbles at people’s shoes,
jumping on the furniture, mechanical pencils, melted chocolate bars.

And I believe in sitting under a shady tree with the music blaring while eating oreos dunked in milk and looking up at the clouds above because for a moment, you feel like a little kid again.


3 Responses to Panda, panddaaaa

    i love it.
    how do you draw ?
    imean , do you look it up on google then draw it on your own ? 0.0

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    xD Glad you like it…was fun drawing the panda.
    Yeah, I drew the panda from the internet because I don’t exactly know how a sleeping panda looks like…lol.

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