Something tells me, sophomore year is going to be a pain

Guh, 30 Algebra II problems on the first day of school. I seriously want a new Algebra 2 teacher..ahhh. I almost fall asleep in her class, on the first day of school too. =_= Well, the other teachers were pretty nice and decent, but I can’t tell whether I can survive their classes or not. It’s only the first day so…
I. Must. Survive!
Period 2: French 1 was interesting, I was completely surrounded by freshmen but I sorta fit in some how. Things learned: 1-10, colors, and some tidbit about France.
Period 3: Chemistry Honors was FUNNY. I saw a few of my buddies, so we can group for projects and stuffs, did a what do you know about chemistry thing…I didn’t know as much as I think. Things learned: how to sleep in class properly (yes, he teaches you how to! xD)
Period 4: Honors English was whoa o_O! Saw the most buddies in that class than any others, plus some of my honors English 1 classmates too. Things learned: how to properly trace your silhouette and tape two pieces of construction paper together. Also, smart board = cool.
Period 5: P.E. What can I say, it’s PE. I can’t decide anything yet since we didn’t do much except hang in the gym all period. Things learned: I suck at thumb wars and pre-cal.
Period 6: Algebra 2…*sigh* We did nothing except take note right out of text books and listened to the teacher tell us all the right answers without explaining anything. I had the same kind of teacher in 8th grade, I didn’t do so well. Hopefully my first impression is wrong. Things I learned: Math can actually be THIS boring, it only took me 15 minutes to get sleepy in class..first day, this is bad. D:
Period 7: History looks like it’s going to be interesting. Saw some friends, almost banged my head against the black cabinet, found out that we won’t be using textbook that much. Things I learned: A history teacher can think that history is boring. o_o


One Response to Something tells me, sophomore year is going to be a pain

  1. teriyakifan says:

    A history teacher who thinks history is boring? That’s sad xD Lol. But I’m sure you’ll do fine sophomore year 😉 I had AP World History and was really busy/stressed,but since you don’t, it’ll be fine =P You’ll read some interesting literature too.

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