Not dead.

Yups, you noticed a pattern there. This blog goes on hiatus every summer. I don’t know why, but every summer my productivity drop by 90%. Maybe because it’s summer? Well, now that summer is going to end, there should be interesting stuffs to write about. Not that I’m hurrying into waking up at 7 AM, of course. I got my schedule and books this week. The wait was very very long. Good thing I ran into my friends so we killed time. That day’s highlight was: I epically lost against myself in Tap Tap Revenge, Jess dropped her stuffs a bazillion times, we got clueless about the schedule pick up place, I complained about why on earth they didn’t put up any posters/signs about location, ID pictures were at least an hour because the photographer wants us to be in a certain pose (back straight, chin up, arms out front, don’t lean, shoulders out…ect. so on), rolling chairs, Kristy’s mom being an “unstoppable force of nature,” we got fried from the sun, Hannah ran into me and abused her karate powers, and a lot of schedule complaints. Whoo.

I’ve been doing my summer readings homework (yup, the week before) and I’m clueless on the personifications. D: I only need 2 more and I can type the thing up nicely and forget about it until the first day of school. Meh. T_T I was also flipping through the textbooks out of boredom, and to be honest, only the french book was interesting. The rest was meh. Oh well, textbooks aren’t meant to be entertainments I guess.

Oh, and here’s my schedule, since I’m too lazy to type it every time someone ask  =x

02 French – King

03  Chem honors – Macasaet (same science period last year)

04  English 2A – Kennett (same English period last year)

05 PE – Simos (same PE period last year)

06 Alg-2 – Buttery

07 World history – Berry ( thought about it, not going to make life harder by taking AP, I’m so lazy)

Lol note – I’ve kept this blog for exactly 1 year and 1 day. ._. wows.


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