Finished The Secret Lives of Bees…

Good book, I enjoyed it. Not only the book is in plain English, it made me realize how complicate a bee’s life is and how each bee is dependent on one another, how the whole colony relies on the queen, and how the queen relies on the worker bees.

This, of course, totally relate to real life relationships. We are all just one big family, and the queen bees might be our parents, teachers, mentors, professors, leaders  ect.. depending on where we go. Without them, well, we probably wouldn’t have ended up where we are right now.

(I’d probably be in bed, not bothering to get up for…ever :P)

Love, lost, relationships, religion, courage, trust and a lot more are all packed up neatly in one book. A real motivation to get me back on track of reading.

Ok, next order of business: I. Am. Sooooo lazy. Right now! D:

I’ve been meaning to draw, post up pictures, maybe write something witty and crazy but the moment I sat down and started to type, my brain meets point-blank and I just delete my post. Meh. Something awe-inspiring, note-worthy, life-changing to write about, pretty please?

No? Well, I’ll just write how I spent my day reading halfway through my 2nd summer book, napping, eating, napping again, and more being on the computer. Lol, I finished Mulan on Youtube yesterday, now I’ma watch Tarzan or The Lion King. I’ll be running out of Disney’s classics soon. Hmm….


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