Random IM Conversation

Me (4:56:03 PM): ok, what should I write on mah blog?
Her (4:56:24 PM): i’m talking to elysa
Her (4:56:27 PM): she is awesome
Her (4:56:29 PM): zorz
Her (4:56:40 PM): she kicked a dude in the face
Me (4:56:43 PM): XD
Her (4:56:45 PM): accidentaly
Her (4:57:05 PM): she’s awesome by the way
Me (4:57:13 PM): sure xD
PS: She is as awesome as she says she is! 😀

4 Responses to Random IM Conversation

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Lol xD Aww… poor guy. That actually reminds me… I have a friend who I guess was flailing her arms when she whacked a girl in the nose and broke it! She’s a safety hazard I tell you =P

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Lol, I’m hanging around with a lot of hazards too. I’m one actually, my aiming skills are down right horrible. 😛

  3. Ehraizahhh says:

    So…who’s the girls that knows I kicked the dude in the face?

    He just glares at me when I state my purest apologies.

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