Printer’s status: Fixed.

“How?” you ask? Well…

Dad: So you say your scanner is broken?

Me: Yeah, can you fix it?

Him: Did you check the wires? Are they plugged in?

Me: Yes.

Him: …are you suurrree?

Me: Yes!

*he fiddled with the ink cartriges, rechecked the wires just in case, checked the electric sockets*

Me: It’s not going to be fixed is it?

Him: Tch, just sit back and watch, you’ll see *scratched his head* Well…


He proceeded to slap the scanner really hard, then the green light flashed.

Him: Err…

Me: o.o

Him: I’m brilliant, aren’t I?


Moral of the story: “attack” the problem head on.


So, thanks to my brilliant dad, my scanner is now working again, and I can now pile my sketches on you guys…yay. I wanted to post the fire hydrant first but the cupcake/cool whip muffin deserves the spotlight for today. It’s so delicious looking (so delicious that I ate my first one, lol.) Well, here it is:

A yummy cupcake. :]

Feeling hungry yet?


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