Art show, swimming, all of that good stuff.

Today was great! Not as great as yesterday (in which I finally got back in contact of my long lost “twin,” talked about the most random things in the world, and actually finished all of my projects) but it was still awesome.
My friend and I went to an art show during lunch and saw really cool art pieces. From the photography classes, there were pictures taken with the most bizarre angles, and even stranger objects. One picture, if I remembered correctly, was a glass of water dripping upward and splashing everywhere. There was another picture with a vintage feel: and old doll shot next to pieces of yellow and brown cloths, and the whole thing was framed. Crafts did really well too. My favorite there was this picture of a swimmer swimming through a sea of blue barbed wire, scraps of irons, and broken glasses. I regretted not bringing anything to take a picture with. D: I was also introduced to a new art form, scratching. The scratch arts looked so cool! They looked like they were done by a professional or printed out of the internet. It was crazy. I saw a Spiderman, and angel superhero, jaguars, cheetas, a trout, and a whole mountain…all of which was detailed to the impossible. Good ol’ pencil and paper weren’t that far behind on the awesomeness, of course. There were a picture of an iris flower, like the one that I drew before (except with crazy detailed shadings), and a hand on a shoe (which I originally though was a black and white photograph). We stuck around for a bit more afterward,my friend took some pictures with her phone and we left wishing there were more to see.
Aside from getting yet a darker tan, I improved my swimming skills today. For freestyle, I just need to work on my breathing and remember not to bend my arms too much. We partnered up to practice (one person hold the floatie, one person swim) and my friend did a really strong start kick that sent her way pass me and I had to attempt to run in the water to catch up to didn’t work out too well, but she was the fastest to make it to the other side. I was either the 3rd or 4th, and my bad sense of direction slightly shifted my course left so I have to stop and adjust my course..whoops, haha. Good thing I got tired the exact moment when the teacher told us to get out of the pool and get dressed or else I’d be stuck in the middle of the pool. Lol.
In Avid I had to present a tongue twister in front of the class. It was kinda hard but at least it was in front of people I knew. After watching 3 or 4 people presented theirs, I decided to get the whole thing over and behind me and volunteered. I was slightly shaking at first but then I kind of just zoned out and suddenly the whole room doesn’t exist anymore, just me and Peter Piper (Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers). I did well on that and scored a 50 out of 50. Good thing I didn’t pick the “I’m not the pheasant plucker” one…so many people stumbled on that one and ended up swearing. xD Tongue twisters can be so tricky some times.
In art, our teacher entered some of us to an art contest to raise money for the school. My teacher entered my iris flower as an entry, and she is considering my stippling piece. My friend also got her art entered, a really colorful collage made of various household materials. I’m wondering if I can get a ride and finish my homework + essay in time to go to the art convention or not. Maybe. I have a bunch of art that I need to scan and save into my computer by the end of the year (3 more weeks!) but my scanner is currently busted. Hopefully my dad can fix it soon, I really wanted to scan the fire hydrant (yes, one of our weekly drawings was a fire hydrant) that I spend an hour and a half on. I couldn’t find the pencil that I usually shade with so I decided to be insane and shade with a mechanical pencil. Of course, it took longer and the shading wasn’t as dark as I wanted it to be, but I like how I can easily erase the lead. The lines also smudged less and look sort of crisper. I guess you can call it my first “actual” drawing I did since a month or two. I didn’t try really hard on the car tire because I couldn’t squat really long in the garage without my legs falling asleep on me.
I still can’t believe we only have 2 weeks left until finals…it felt like just a week ago was the first day of my high school year. I wonder if I can do well on the finals?


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