To Kill a Mockingbird

Reading this book brings back memories, it really does. Back when I was still in elementary school, I think around 6th grade, I stumbled upon this book by accident in the school library. Being a failure at English back then, I promptly turned to my friend and asked “What’s a Mockingbird?”
I don’t remember what she said that day, but it managed to persuaded me to check out the book. I read the book for the first time that afternoon, despite understanding in only bits and pieces. Every pages or so, I’d run into a hard word and had to flip through my dictionary then forgot my place right afterward. I did get some major plot point correct, but because I got very tired of having to search through the huge dictionary and asking my dad, I started to guess things. Well, some of my guesses were pretty strange. Then again, I was a child with an “extremely imaginative imagination” as my mom always says. This of course, resulted my bizarre logic.
First of all, there is Scout’s name. As an ESL students, I’ve often read children book that have characters that named Jane, Jack, Tom, Tim, Bob, Mary, Lisa…ect., but it was my first time of hearing of a person named Scout. Of course, I asked dad what does Scout means. I remembered he mentioned something about spy troopers, soldier, and the Vietnam War. That day I learned that Scout is a nick name, not a real name, and some interesting fact about the war. I think at one point, I even made myself believe that Scout was secretly a spy sent to infiltrate the enemies’ base and capture them. I can be so odd sometimes. xD
I think I’ve also drew a silly comic about Scout, Jem, and Dill once, and tried to look through my boxes of old stuff yesterday but I failed to find it. If only I can remember what I drew. They were probably stickmen and scribbles, but I like my silly drawings..they sort of make me comment “Gosh, are all my old drawings that funny looking?”
I guess I have a fondness for Scout since she reminds me so much of myself. I’m a bit tomboyish, hate skirts, and just love to be outdoorsy. Her ways of thinking is also similar to mine, so I guess she’s my favorite character. The author did a really good job with the transitions between events. I didn’t get lost at all. The mystery of Boo Radley was really interesting. I like how the clues are presented. The foreshadowing also added the mood. I absolutely loved it even though I only understand half of the book back then.
Now, when I pick up the book and read it again, I realized how much I’ve changed. I’m less outdoorsy and more lazy now. I think I’m also less tomboyish (lol…just a little bit?), and my English got much better.
It’s funny isn’t it? How when you are five or six, you wishes to be this teenager or adult (probably because they get to stay up late and make their own decisions) but once you are a teen or an adult, you’ll have a sense of regret that you might have been rushing through you childhood a bit too fast. Now, you wish is that you can go back to being a little kid again, you know, for just. one. day.
Yeah I’m saying this because I’m now stuck in the house doing homework and there’s about 2 weeks until finals. :[ No fun. The little kid in me wants to come out and just takes life easy…maybe chase some butterflies or roll down a hill or something.


2 Responses to To Kill a Mockingbird

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Lol. Well children really are very imaginative =P But yeah… I think “Scout” is supposed to be sort of vague. I didn’t realize that she was a girl myself until a few chapters into the book. Oops xD

    I agree… growing up isn’t fun either =P But I’m graduating in three weeks! You still have 3 years to go ;]

  2. insanelysa says:

    I like the way you write your blogs.

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