This blog is not dead yet!

There’s only about a month and a half left for the school year, and during this time, students are VERY busy. D: Unfortunately, they are also getting more lazy and less motivated. I’m a perfect example of this. As the days get closer to summer vacation, all I want to do is just kick back and relax. This happens every year. D: Ahhh…So sleepy.
On a seemingly unrelated topic, my bug project is coming along just fine. The bugs still creep me out, but it’s too late to back out now.
So far I got: 2 painted lady butterfly, 1 HUGE tiger swallow tail butterfly, 2 ladybugs, 1 lacewing, 1 silverfish, 1 cricket, 2 paper wasps, 1 bumblebee, 2 pincher bugs, a couple of scratches, muddy shoes, and a tan. Now all that are left are the field notebook and pinning. Eww. I seriously would prefer an essay ever this despite the fact that I’m bad at essays.


2 Responses to This blog is not dead yet!

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Wow… you’ve been gone for a whole month! =P I guess the end of the year gets pretty hectic… but summer is fast approaching 😉

  2. insanelysa says:

    I forgot what I named the HUGE swallow tail butterfly.

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