Dun dun dun…Happy Birthday Hannah!

*Throws confetti around*
Yup, if you are reading this post, this is an early early early birthday present! Yay!
Congrats on being alive for allllmmmoooosttt 15 years already…just a lot more to go! :]
Haha, just kidding, you are just getting old, that’s all.
(That was a joke too)
You know what I just realized? I’ve sit next to you in art for about 7 months already. Wow, time goes by so fast! Only 2 more months.
Anyways, back to the topic!
Happy B-day! Here is your present:


The teddy bear wants a hug…


5 Responses to Dun dun dun…Happy Birthday Hannah!

  1. Hannah says:

    Thanks Yen! the bear is so cute! haha. you actually sounded nice this time.

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    What do you mean by this time? I’m always nice. :]

  3. umphulump55 says:

    AMAZING! That pic is incredibly pretty!


  5. cuute! [:
    my name is hannah.
    LOL! [:

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