Gosh, it have been so long since I last posted, sorry guys. It’s just that I have this art project due Friday that I’ve been working half a month on. I’m almost finish and I think I turned out great. :] I’ll post a picture of it when my art teacher give it back.

Oh, today’s art lesson is really interesting. My teacher brought in some examples to demonstrate our next project, a collaboration.

..and so, a story:
Teacher: Ok class, can you tell me what this is?

She held out a flower for the class to see.

Students: a flower.

Teacher: Correct.

She then plucked out all of the petals, snapped off the stems, folded the leaves, rearranged the parts of the flower, then taped them back on messily.

Teacher: Does this look look like a flower now?

She held up the taped parts of what used to be a flower up.

Students: No, not really.

Teacher: Why?

Student: The stems and the petals are all over the place. They aren’t in order.

Teacher: Correct…and this is exactly what you’ll get when you do not collaborate fully with one another. It doesn’t matter if you created the best piece of art, even if you shaded it perfectly and everything. If it doesn’t fit the pieces around it, it’s nothing…just like this mess of a flower. This project is like a complicated puzzle. If pieces won’t fit, then the whole picture would not make any sense.

A couple of ooh’s and ahh’s from the class.

Teacher: This project is going to be working together. I’ll grade you all on how well the pieces flow and fit together, not just individual artwork. This doesn’t mean to slack off and just create your piece messily though, you need the details too.

A student raised his hand.

He: So how exactly are we going to get the pieces to fit together?

Teacher: That’s a good question. The key to drawing a good picture is perception, the ability which I hope you guys have obtained from the first semester. Don’t just look at your piece when you draw your outline, look at all the pieces next to yours. Notice the locations where the lines from your classmates’ pieces meet your piece and start drawing from there. By doing so, you rely heavily on your classmates. That means if one of you mess your drawing up, somebody else is going to mess up too, so be careful. This isn’t individual work, it’s groupwork. I hope you all realize that there is more than just a piece of art that tells a story, it’s the whole completed puzzle.

Gosh, I do hope we do well, since she’s giving us two grades; individual and group effort.


2 Responses to Absences

  1. You’ll do GREAT!!

    Lol, I like your header. ;]

  2. teriyakifan says:

    Wow.. half a month is long time. I’d love to see it when you get it back =) And good luck with your new project =P

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