Notes to Self…

1. Run away from dentists.

I got a tooth filling yesterday. Well, it wouldn’t be so bad in the waiting room except for the fact that I had to wait 3 hours before it’s my turn and there were practically nothing to do in the waiting room except for looking at painting of trees. How boring was it? Let’s just say that there were a total of 549 leaves, give and take a few I missed, in one painting. When it was finally my turn, I was really sleepy. I was hoping that it would be over really soon so I can take a nap at home. The x-ray process wasn’t so bad. The cleaning went by pretty quickly and smoothly except for that one time when I coughed. (oops!) Then, before you know it, it was time for the filling. What a perfect time for my fear of needle to kick in. The moment I saw that needle, my brain was fully, fully awake. At that moment, I wished for the ability of teleportation. Well the red stained cotton swab I saw wasn’t exactly the comfort I needed. The dentist left me alone after that so the anesthetic could sink in. After about 15 minutes, the left half of my jaw was numb so I couldn’t exactly feel anything after that, thank goodness.

2. I’m not cut out for learning Spanish.

Curiosity killed the cat…I should have known. When I saw my friend, who was reading a Spanish book, I decided it’s time to work toward my new year resolution of learning a foreign language. She talked for about 5 minutes on some basic Spanish words, how you have to conjugate verbs to different forms when you use different pronouns, and some other things I failed to understand.
A: So do you understand now?
Me: Err, can you repeat the whole thing again?
A: …I give up on you.
Me: Noooo…. D:
Well, I did learned to count to 20 in Spanish now. >_< Maybe I’ll have an easier time with French. Just maybe.

3. I’m not ambidextrous.

Yesterday was a free period in art so my friends and I decided to mess around. We got some paper and decided to test how “ambidextrous” we are. The results were pretty hilarious. It took me a whole minute to write my name, and it was only 3 letters. Next my friends decided to have a drawing contest. We each get a part of a piece of paper and we were supposed to make a collage out of it. I drew an alien mouse-thing (it was supposed to be a cat), my friend drew a crooked stickman, and my other friend drew a car with floating wheels. It was hilarious. Our other “masterpieces” include a Mona Lisa so deformed that Leonardo da Vinci would yell at us for hours if he see us, a “melting” helicopter that looked like it crashed several times, and a flimsy looking Golden Gate bridge that appeared to be falling down.  Haha, next free period we are so totally going to do this again. I don’t know, maybe I can actually learn to draw something with my left hand one day. For now though, I’ll be too busy laughing at the melting helicopter.


2 Responses to Notes to Self…

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Aww.. haha. That’s why no one really likes the dentist’s office =P The drills, needles, Novocaine.. not fun.

    And I totally know how you feel! I’ve wanted to be ambidextrous since 6th grade.. and I still haven’t made progress either =P

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