Random babbling.

You won’t miss it until it’s gone…

Today in Geometry, my mechanical pencil decided to fail on me. One minute, I was doing a worksheet about parallelograms, the next, I was shuffling through my backpack for a pencil. Bleh, it took me about 20 minutes to get use to my other mechanical pencil. The new pencil is scratchy and didn’t write as smooth as my old one. Plus, I kept pressing the top for lead when I should be pressing the side…annoying! Then my friend decided to “fix” my pencil and well, he wasn’t a good fixer-upper. 😛

Me: Argh, I can’t get used to this pencil!

Him: What happened to your other one?

Me: It’s jammed.

Him: Oh give it to me…I’m good with fixing things.

Me: Ok. *proceeded to take pencil out and handed it to him*

Him: *Took pencil and hit it against the desk*

Him: Oops! *held out a cracked pencil*

Well…he did get that piece of stuck lead out…

Oh, I had some free time today and drew a puppy. It’s not really good though, since I’m absolutely hopeless with animals and the fact that 35 minutes wasn’t really enough.


*Cough* Enjoy!


4 Responses to Random babbling.

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Aww.. RIP lead pencil =P

    But yeah.. the puppy’s not bad at all! It’s actually really good for 35 minutes worth! =)

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Well, practice makes perfect I guess. Hopefully I’ll improve.


  4. WHOAAAA!!! That’s better than I could do in 35 years. =P

    And R.I.P. pencil. =P

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