I’ve been strangely active lately on the blog, and I wonder why. I guess it must be, as my friend call it, spring fever. 😛 I wonder if I can keep all of this energy up.

Ok, so I got my sketchbook back today and finally scanned the drawing that I did…4 weeks ago. Oh man I’m really lazy. D: On a happier note,  I think my artwork has really improved since the beginning of the year. This is really great. If I can keep this up, maybe by the end of the year, I can finally draw animals. You don’t know how hard those things are. The fur! >_<

Alright, an angel for you guys, just because we all need angels in our lives. 🙂


I personally looove this one, I think that it’s my best one yet. Mainly because I was feeling Christmasy at that time and decided to pay attention to the details. I based this off on a real Chirstmas ornament by the way. If they make a plushie or a keychain out of that angel, I would totally buy it. 😛 The ornament was so cute so of course, being a sucker for cute things, I had to draw it. It took me about an hour on this, the shading and the folds were the toughest part of this drawing. I spent most of my time happily erasing and editing them. I think I should quit shading with an 0.7 mechanical pencil and start using a regular yellow #2  pencil or buy myself an art pencil to make things easier on myself. Lol.


5 Responses to Hmm.

  1. That is beautiful!!! * stares in awe *

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Thanks! If you like, you could request something and I’ll try to draw it. I need the practice. =]

  3. WOW! Awesome!! I ❤ IT!! 😀

  4. teriyakifan says:

    Oo.. I love it too! =D I was going to request that you draw a cute puppy next or something.. but I noticed that you said you’re not drawing animals right now =P

  5. ChocoPuddi says:

    Hmm…puppies. I guess the ones with short fur is ok. It should be fun to try. I should be better at it than when drawing a bear right? xD

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