You have got to be kidding me!

After my friend’s frantic announcement that finals grades are up, I rushed open firefox to get to schoolloop. My thoughts at that moment: Haha, I’m gonna fail.

To add to my frustration, firefox decided to freeze in the middle of loading so I had to wait 5 minutes before it unfreeze itself. After logging in, I scrolled down quickly and try to look at me grade while bracing for the worst. Then it hit me…

Oh snaps I got a 4.0! O.O

At that moment I stood up from my chair and danced around. Mom looked at dad with a I-think-our-daughter-is-loony kind of look. I showed them the grade and they were really, really happy. =D

Whoo! I feel great! A burden is finally lifted off my back and I’m as light as air now. I’m also grinning like an idiot while typing this. Yup.

Ok, here’s the sum up of the “aftermath” of the battles, urm, I meant finals:

Geometry – how did I get 100% again? I’m still shocked.

Biology – 96%. Those extra credit questions were lifesavers.

English Honors – 91.5%. I knew the essay part would mess me up!

PE – 100%. Sweet success!

AVID – 100%. A reflection wasn’t really that hard.

Art – 97%. Whoo! Good thing I brought a good pencil. You don’t know how much a good pencil matters in an art class. It kind of ruined the surprise a little when she told you your grade beforehand though.

I’m feeling so awesome! I really thought I failed Geometry and English. Pheew.


2 Responses to You have got to be kidding me!

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Great job 😉 It’s really good to get high school off to a good start.

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