Finals are over!

Oh yes, this definitely deserve a post. 😛


Mmm, I had to say, the Geometry final was tougher than I though. The first part was about polygons. Simple enough, I breezed right through it. The second part was harder, consisting of linear equations problems but I managed to solve them. Then…

Uh oh, proving  congruency with 2-column proofs? I’m so busted.

Well, at least there were only 5 problems out of 70 that needed prooving. >_< Gah, I hope it doesn’t hurt my grade too much.


All I had to do was answer multiple choice questions and shade a circle. I did pretty good on the multiple choice but I think my circle looked a bit flat. The teacher was nice enough to tell the class the grades. I got an. A :]


A 100-question test that worth 200 points.  Well,  at least I know the material. I wasn’t sure about my answer about DNA transcription and mitosis, but otherwise, I did well.


Ergh, I’m not sure how I did this time around. The final consisted of 4 parts: Hero journey cycle, vocabulary, grammar, and poem writing. Bleh, my grammar is just terrible, so I don’t think I did very well on that. I did study the cycle and grammar though, so I think I didn’t miss any on those two. The poem is what I’m most worried about. I can’t write poem. Period. Ahhh, now is a good time to start panic.


Run a mile in under 10 minutes and answer 15 questions. The questions were easy peasy, so I probably got 15/15. The mile I did really well too. 9:04…my proudest time yet!


Write a reflection on how you did on the final, after that, free time. Yeah, easiest final yet. If you write one, it’s an automatic A.

Gah, there are 2 classes that I’m most worried about: English Honors and Geometry. Well, at least I don’t have French I guess. Everybody who I know has it complained about failing it. 😡


3 Responses to Finals are over!

  1. teriyakifan says:

    I’m glad to here that your finals went well =)

    And nice mile time too =P

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Thanks. ^^ I’m so glad that I’ve got that over with. Now I have to wait for the finals’ results though. Ahh, I wonder how I did. The suspense!


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