1 week before the grading period/semester ends and I’m studying like crazy. I hope you guys won’t mind my inactivity.

My friends are so competitive sometimes. They compare test scores, mile times, typing speeds, and even the trivial things like who has the coolest pens, or who write the neatest….the list go on and on.

During lunch on Friday, we were eating our sandwiches when K had this brilliant idea of a contest involving grades.

K: Hey, why don’t we have a contest involving the finals?

J: What do you mean?

K: Like who get the best grade get something..a prize of some sort.

E: Yeah, if I win, you guys are getting me pandas.

J: You’ll never win, I’ll get the best score.

E: Psh, when I get my pandas, you all will be jealous…very jealous.

Me: We’ll see about that.

So that’s I dug my grave and now I must beat the 4.0’s in their finals. D:

Yeah, I’m not going to be around much, I’ll be to busy studying and preventing E from taking over the world with her squishy penguins army.


2 Responses to Finals

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Haha.. well good luck with finals 😉 This week is going to be intense!

  2. Wow… I can’t wait until I have to put up with high school! Heh… Heh… Haaa…… =/

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