Oh, and to start a rocking 2009…

…I’ve made myself some New Year Resolutions! Hopefully I won’t break them too fast. 😛 Now, let’s move on to the official business.

In 2009, I, ChocoPuddi, will:

  • Exercise/Eat more. Lol, lame but I lost a total of 5 pounds over the past 3 months. I’m suppose to be growing! T_T
  • Be more active on the blog. 5 posts minimum per months. I’m so lazy and I can’t even motivate myself properly.
  • Write more. I never finish that story, did I?
  • Be more helpful at school/home/ect.
  • Juggle. Why is it so hard? D:
  • Keep my straight As. High school is tough. I can’t wait until college D:
  • Learn a foreign language, I’m thinking Spanish or French. It’s still undecided though. Spanish looks confusing but is more useful. On the other hand, I have a lot of friends who are taking French. Maybe they could help…
  • Brush up on my Vietnamese, it’s getting rusty.
  • Read more books. I’m a bookworm, I can’t help it. Recommend a book, anyone? xD
  • Learn to do a cartwheel. Haha, this one should be fun.
  • Play more sports because I’m getting laaazy.
  • And lastly, to enjoy 2009! Whoo! This one shouldn’t be too hard. 😉

Mm, I got a feeling that I’ll complete most of these this year. That is if I don’t get too lazy. >_<


2 Responses to Oh, and to start a rocking 2009…

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Juggle and cartwheels? Lol =P

    Well good luck =) New Year resolutions are always so hard to keep.

  2. Same here!!!

    I wanna learn a new language… I was thinking Korean!! 😉 Yeah…

    I never actually made a New Years Resolution before…

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