Yesterday was a pretty sucky day.

I went to the park with my family yesterday. It was pretty chilly, but the air felt really nice. Kids were laughing and a lot of people were walking their dogs. My dad and little brother decided to play some basketball so I decided to join for a game. After winning, (I think they went easy on me) I decided to play on the playground.

Bad decision, a really, really bad decision.

The playground consisted of slides, poles, and twisty paths for kids to climb. At the top, there was this spot where you could sit and watch what’s happening down below. I decided that it would be fun to climb up there and wave to my mom. Yeah, I’m childish like that. So after a couple of waves, my mom decided that I should get down. Here’s where the problem started: I, stupidly enough, decided on a shortcut.

I figured if I go diagonally and cut my way across, I can skip the whole twisty stairs and climb down faster. At about halfway, I decided to stop and let this kid pass. Looking around, I decided if I jump, I could make it down safely.

Hahaha, gravity laughed at ChocoPuddi.

Well, it all happened so fast that I couldn’t really prepare. When I tried to jump, my foot slipped. That caused me to fall forward. Frantically, I tried to grab on to a near by bar but I missed by a little bit.

The result? Me falling down head first to the sand.

Ouch indeed.

The kids at the play ground were freaked out at that moment, and I think one cried. When my mom helped me up, I tasted blood and my lips were numb. My mom panicked and she rushed me home so she could examine the wound. She said my lips were bruised but otherwise still in one piece. I guess she sort of freaked out when I fall flat on my face. She thought that I broke my teeth the way that I was bleeding from my mouth. While washing my face, I realized that I have this dull pain in my arm. It wasn’t broken or anything, but I guess I landed on it a bit to hard. I decided to forget the pain by taking a short nap. I slept from 12 PM to 4 PM so I guess it wasn’t that short.

I reckon I should be more careful while playing from now on. My parents think that I should stay away from playgrounds all together. They told me that I could have broken bones, my nose, or my teeth the way that I was falling and I almost gave them a heart attack. I said that I was ok and nothing was broken so it was fine. I think they thought I was lying so they won’t be worried. Well, I do look pretty bad yesterday, with my swollen lips and all. My mom decided that I shouldn’t talk at all and that I should go to bed and rest. She also made some rice gruel for me to eat instead of rice. So the rest of my day was spent in bed reading, eating rice gruel and listening to my mom fussing over me. Ok, I admit that I did like being fussed over, but I felt really bad for worrying her like that. I should take my parents’ advice about avoiding playgrounds after all.

Ahhh, hopefully the swelling will go down in time for me to go back to school. I don’t want to walk around looking like I just got in a fight with somebody and got punched in the mouth. D:


2 Responses to Ouch.

  1. Awww…. Are you okay now??? Awww…. Hope you feel better!!

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Thanks for worrying about me. ^^
    I’m ok now, my lips are still a bit redder than normal but they had stopped bleeding. The swelling also had went down too. All thanks to my mom and lots of rest. I think I’ll fully heal in one or two days.

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