Have a watermelon! :D

…to remind yourself of those warm and sunny summers spent eating watermelons on the hot sand of the beach.


Brr… it’s so cold right now. I’m currently wearing socks, sweats, and a sweater with the heater on because I just took a shower and the water was COLD! *sniff* Hopefully I don’t catch a cold again, the cursed thing is spreading at my school for the third time now. Come on, people landed on the moon, discovered cells, invented the computer…ect ect but did they discover the cure for the common cold? Sadly no. >_<

Now excuse me while I get myself a blanket…


4 Responses to Have a watermelon! :D


  2. teriyakifan says:

    Lol.. it HAS been cold lately =P I have first period so I’m at school at 7 o’clock.. and it’s ridiculously cold! But yeah.. stay warm and well =)

  3. ChocoPuddi says:

    First period? Must be a pain. I signed up for 2nd period and was lucky to get it. I’m not much of a morning person. xD

    Oh, I did drew this angel ornament for Christmas. Unfortunately my teacher hasn’t graded the sketchbooks yet so I have to wait 2 weeks to post it up. Erm, it’s going to be a belated, belated Christmas thing?

  4. lol i have pe 5th period YAY ME!! 🙂

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