Twilight (a Lol review/spoiler of the movie..well, kind of)

IM conversation between my friend and I last night about twilight:
Me: so you went and watched Twilight?
Her: yep
Her: OMG I can’t believe they leave out some of the good parts… the good parts! Dx
Me: Q__Q yeah, and what about the part where Edward is supposed to glitter?
Her: D: he doesn’t look like that…it’s supposed to be DIAMONDZ!!
Me: lol, and all blinding and shiny?
Her: yeah, my shineeeeys! @__@
Me: eh, I thought the movie was good if you haven’t read the book
Her: lol yeah…movies < book fosho’
Me: I like the part where Charlie was all like: *loads gun* Alright, bring him in!
Me: He was so serious and her expression was funny xD
Her: lol lol… and what about that part where they talk about how Jasper looks sad all the time
Me: xD
Me: I like the lunch scene too
Her: book cover! 😀
Me: don’t forget about the jumping scenes
Her: omg…that part need touch ups. At first I was all: since when vampires can fly??! o_O’
Me: It’s like they have a computer mouse on the scene and was dragging Edward around xDD
Her: LOL!
Her: Oh yeah overall…I don’t think the actors play it that well
Me: tell be about it :/ looks so fake at some parts
Her: It’s a LUV story! NEED MOAR emotions! D:<
Me: I like the songs though
Her: Decode! Leave Out All The Rest!
Me: I like Supper Massive Black Hole
Her: Supper? >_> food? where??
Me: I meant Super…it’s late and I can’t type right D:
Her: it’s a good song
Me: I want Coldplay….
Her: La Vida?
Me: Yes! Yes!
Her: ok, donate a billion to me so I can remake the movie
Me: I’m broke Q__Q
Her: but but….it’ll be worth it D:
Me: kay, I’ll call you when I get a billion dollars….$20 so far
Her: you suck…donate it all to the greater good! :3
Me: lol
Her: I think we are forgetting an important song….
Her: Bella’s lulliby!
Me: Bella’s Lullaby!
Me: lol
Her: >_> I can’t spell
Me: It’s nice….but it made me sleepy
Her: how could you? it’s TWILIGHT!
Me: but but but it’s a lullaby and the theater was dark? ;_;
Her: I know but how could you fall asleep during the screaming fan girls session?
Me: huh? the girls were really quiet during the movies though
Her: lol not really..a bunch screamed and I got popcorn thrown at me because a girl stood up D:
Me: aww..well, at least it’s not soda
Her: that would sucks!
Her: like vampires! hahaha pun!
Me: I hope you mean blood 😛
Her: yeah, vampires are cool but they suck
Her: I just confused myself @__@
Me: lol


4 Responses to Twilight (a Lol review/spoiler of the movie..well, kind of)

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Lol.. I’m so glad I didn’t spend money watching it =P I’ve been listening to “Decode” a lot lately though.. because I agree. The music IS pretty good =)

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    Yeah, it wasn’t all that great. Well, it’s good as long as you don’t read ahead but in this case my friend and I already did.
    I still can’t believe they made $70 millions in the first week. Lol, can’t imagine what’s the total going to be if they decided to make movies for the whole series.
    Mhm, Decode is a pretty good song. So are Leave Out All The Rest and Super Massive Black Hole.

  3. lol! 🙂 i heard it got 1 1/2 stars! :]

  4. ChocoPuddi says:

    Lol, well, I gave it 2 stars. xD
    Who gave it 1 1/2 stars? :O

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