Choco’s Past and Present

Past, 6 years old:

  • I actually wore dresses
  • Skin tone was a lot lighter
  • Big eyes and giggly laugh
  • Bad memory
  • Fails at sport
  • Doesn’t even know how to speak English yet
  • Hated vegetables
  • Good handwriting
  • Long hair
  • Favorite color: black ( I know it’s not a color but I was only 6 years old then >_> )
  • Liked to walk outside barefooted
  • Believed Santa Claus and the Bogeyman were real
  • Obsessed with stuffed animals..especially monkeys and squirrels
  • Fell down a lot for no reason

Past, 10 years old:

  • Still fail at sport
  • Bad sense of direction
  • Starting to learn English
  • Medium length hair that’s always tied up
  • Ate some vegetable
  • Was about 85 lb
  • Skirt was abandoned
  • Pants+ oversized T-shirt+ Caps = >_<
  • Started to draw a lot
  • Discovered the Internet
  • Handwriting became illegible
  • Can’t sing
  • Like yellow and gray

Present, 14 years old:

  • Still jeans, but actually wear the correct size of t-shirt
  • Can’t sing still
  • Mostly “fluent” with English
  • Got healthier and skinnier at the same time
  • 94 lb
  • Bad sense of direction is still there
  • Draw way too much now…those poor trees ;-;
  • Actually get along with people now
  • Started a blog
  • Picky eater
  • Shoulder length hair…did it get blacker?
  • Way too tanned for own good
  • Internet addict
  • Write a bit neater…for now
  • Like green and light blue
  • Developed  a habit of playing with hair

I was tagged my a friend of mine to do a “time warp.” So basically you just list the habits, favorites, and clothes of your past and present. Gosh, I still can’t believe I changed that much.


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