A bit stress…

As the days edge closer to the end of the semester, my stress level goes up…
This happens every year since middle school. Sometimes I’m afraid of disappointment and failing and during those times I panicked. What if I didn’t study hard enough for that test? Did I put my name on the paper I just turned in? What’s due tomorrow? I didn’t forget to pick up the worksheet did I? Sigh…

It feels like if I don’t have a break soon, I’m going to break.

Most of the time it turned out that I worried over nothing, but still that didn’t prevent me from worrying the next semester. Well, this is what is happening now. Funny thing is, yesterday I was all happy and carefree while cracking up jokes with my friends. Now I’m freaking out about an A- on an assignment. Yeah, I just checked Schoolloop and my grade dropped 0.38%. Yes, I’m worrying over 0.38%! I think the stress is getting worse each year. Oh man, I would hate see what happen in college.

I know what I need right now: some chocolate, a nice nap, and a hot bath later. Those things fixed the stress so far. Oh yeah, I’ll take an evening off on Friday and just relax. Not doing anything for one day is nice.

Sorry for bringing my problems here, but I need to get the stuff out. I feel better that way.

Hopefully the stress will go away soon. D:


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