Fantasy story, part 2

“Oh how I wish I have a flashlight with me right now.”

I thought to myself as I take a look at the forest up close for the first time. Well, I couldn’t actually see anything in the forest except for trees and thick vines. It look so dark and gloomy compared to the bright and sunny meadow outside and at that moment I knew I was in for bad news. I was scared now, bullets of sweat dripped from my forehead. B-thump, b-thump, my heart quickened. If talking goats and trees exist, there’s a huge possibility that something or someone magical is lurking behind the immense darkness of the forest. What if there are not one, but actually many creatures? And what if they are evil and dangerous? B-thumpthumpthump, my heart pounded on my ribcage so hard it hurt.

Hundreds and hundreds of questions filled my mind, and I decided that I don’t really know how to get home. I knew that I must find a guy and get more instructions but I was clueless on how long my journey will truly be. A flood of panic washed over me.

Somewhere deep in the forest, what seemed to be an owl hooted.

Oh right, the forest. Ok, I’m going to be ok. I’ll just run as fast as I can through the forest and will not look back. Yeah that’s it. Too late to regret not being the fastest runner out there. I thought grimly to myself while trying to brace for what will happen next. I wanted to relax myself somehow but realized that my pitiful attempts will probably be in vain. Instead, I focused on breathing and finding every bit of bravery I’ve got.

I held my breath as I took my first step into the forest. The dead leaves crunched noisily under the weight of my foot and I was startled. Dry leaves, those are dry leaves, nothing more. After what seemed to be a hundred of crunches later, my eyes finally adjusted. I can make out the shapes of the trees now, and that made me less afraid.

After what seemed to be 20 minutes of walking, I felt like I was being watched. I started to sweat and decided to make a run for it. Pretty soon, everything around me was a big blur and all I can feel was the wind. It was exhilarating to run and just leave everything behind, even your fears. Well, my run was impressive until I tripped on a root and stubbed my toes.

“Oww…Note to self: don’t run in the dark anymore.” I muttered as I propped myself up from the ground. My jeans and shoes probably need a good washing. My mom is going to be really mad when she found out that I ruined the clothes she just bought last week. I groaned at the thought of my family. I missed it so much.

I stood up clumsily and looked around to see what part of the forest I was in. My eyes were drawn almost instantly to the opening up ahead. There were still a lot of trees, but I can tell the way out because the forest was getting brighter. A way out, my head shouted happily, a way home. I picked up my pace and ran toward the bright light. Soon, I can see a small town up ahead. I can’t help but smile as I take a good look at the town and its people.

“Alyea…” I whispered.

Whoohoo, second part of the story is finally out. Sorry if it took too long, I keep running out of ideas how to do the forest scene. I wanted to be scary, but not horrific. I hope I got it right.


One Response to Fantasy story, part 2

  1. Lols good story so far ChocoPuddi! Can’t wait to read more! :] I like the picture for “Teriyaki’s Fan’s Blog” It looks yummy… :]

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